Other Permits

Permits may be requested by individuals or groups to place equipment or conduct activities on Park property. These uses maybe in conjunction with other facility requests and may include: Day Camps/Classes/Clinics, collection of money, demonstrations, moonbounces, filming/photography, memorial/services and other events.

All Permit Holders must follow M-NCPPC rules and regulations, contract rules and regulations, as well as the specific Guidelines and Conditions of Use as stated on the facility permit.

NOTE: By submitting any application along with your credit card information, you have agreed to pay all applicable fees, deposit(s), and charges due. If you are not submitting payment, please call the Park Permit Office for availability information.

Application Forms

The request will be forwarded to the appropriate Park Manager, Division Chief or Director of Parks for approval. A rental fee and/or additional fees, damage deposit, and insurance certification may be required. Contact the M-NCPPC Permit Office for details.

Filming/ Photo Permit Request Form

Construction Permit Application

Temporary Concessions Permit Request Form

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Last Updated: April 16, 2018