Wheaton Regional Park – Master Plan Update 2020-2021

Division: Park Planning and Stewardship

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Visioning the Future of Wheaton Regional Park

Montgomery Parks is updating the 1987 Wheaton Regional Park Master Plan We are currently in the process of seeking input from the community and organizations that surround the park including home owner’s associations, schools, businesses, and faith organizations. We want to hear from all residents, including those who have traditionally not been involved in park master plans updates, to ensure that the future of Wheaton Regional Park reflects the diverse values and interests of the local community.  We will be providing many opportunities for community members to share their ideas including in person; at public meetings, park events, and additional venues in the Wheaton/Glenmont area, as well as online through an interactive, online map and comment forum.

Project Background

The current Master Plan for Wheaton Regional Park was created in 1987. A park master plan guides the development of the park, including new facilities and renovated facilities, as well as broad operation, management, and maintenance issues.  Many of the 1987 plan’s recommendations have been built or implemented.

Wheaton Regional Park remains vibrant and popular, but it is also aging.  An update is needed to reflect the many changes that have occurred over the last 30 plus years so that the park can better serve the adjacent communities as well as residents throughout the county.  The master plan will also guide plans for future renovations and growth.

The Park Today

Map of Wheaton Regional Park

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Over 50 years old, Wheaton Regional Park is nestled in a forested area of Wheaton, Maryland, and is the largest park in the southern region of Montgomery County. The park was established in the early 1960s, assembling several large parcels of land into one of the county’s finest parks. Visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational and educational opportunities within its 536 acres.

The Park has developed into three distinct areas with three separate entrances:

Master Plan Update

The updated Master Plan will detail a visionary plan that balances recreation and stewardship, core to Montgomery Parks mission.  It will also address the 1987 recommendations that have not been completed as well as topics that emerge from the community.  The plan will also align with other current Department master plans such as the Nature Center Master Plan and Thrive Montgomery 2050.

Topics that will be addressed as part of the master plan include:

  • Infrastructure
    • Park Entrances and Visibility
    • Signage and Wayfinding
    • Roads
    • Parking
    • Accessibility
    • Underutilized Areas
    • Paved Trails
  • Amenities
    • Nature Center
    • Athletic Fields
    • Picnic Area
    • Horse Stable
    • Emerging recreational trends such as futsal/court soccer and pickleball
  • Natural Resources
    • Trails
    • Potential land acquisitions
    • Biodiversity area
  • Maintenance and Operations
    • Efficiency improvements
  • Cultural Heritage and Interpretation
    • Stubbs Barn
    • Incorporate historical elements of Wheaton Regional Park and surrounding areas

Get Involved

Ideas for this project are welcome at any time throughout the planning process.

  • Comment on our Open Town Hall forum and interactive map (link to come)
  • Meet us at a public event.  (View the calendar below)
  • Email the project manager:  Chuck Kines – Charles.Kines@montgomeryparks.org
  • Invite us to your Club, Group, Civic, or Homeowner Association meeting to share information.  (Contact the project manager)

Calendar and Meeting Notes

The calendar will be updated with exact dates and times as soon as they can be reserved. Links to presentation materials, meeting notes, and memos will be posted for each event as soon as they are available.

 Spring Analysis of existing conditions in the Park. Start community outreach.
Summer Staff attendance at regularly scheduled community meetings.
June 7 Taste of Wheaton The Wheaton Triangle – the area boardered by Veirs Mill Road, University Blvd. and Georgia Avenue.
June 20 Red Wagon Event / “El Carro Rojo” is a multilingual public outreach program designed to improve information exchanges between the Parks Department and park users in Montgomery County. Shoppers Food Warehouse – 2201 Randolph Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20902
July 19 Red Wagon Event Wheaton Regional Park Shorefield Area
August 15 Red Wagon Event– invitation / invitación(PDF, 1MB) Wheaton Regional Park Shorefield Area
Fall Staff attendance at scheduled community events, festivals and meetings including Friendship Picnic, HOA and targeted outreach to communities in close proximity to the park.
Spring/Summer Outreach on-hold due to Covid-19 concerns
Fall 2020 – Winter 2020 Collect input from community
Community members are encouraged to share their input and help shape the future of Wheaton Regional Park by taking the online survey 
Mid-Late 2021 Public Review Period
Planning Board Public Hearing – Links to the Planning Board agenda, memo, and presentation materials will be posted as soon as they are available.
Planning Board Work Session #1 – Links to the Planning Board agenda, memo, and presentation materials will be posted as soon as they are available
Planning Board Final Review and Plan Adoption
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* Date and time subject to change. Please confirm the schedule on the Montgomery Planning Board Agenda webpage closer to the date.


Last Updated: September 15, 2020