Stream Restoration Program

Division: Park Development Division
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Project Description

The Stream Restoration Program is intended to restore degraded stream channels and protect adjacent infrastructure at various Parks throughout Montgomery County. This project makes corrective improvements to damaged stream channels, floodplains, and tributaries.

The prevention of continued erosion is a key goal as well as improving the aquatic habitats in our local eco-system. Stream protection projects are examined from a watershed perspective to identify and control the source of the problems. The use of rock and wood revetments (i.e, cross vanes, j-hooks, rock sills, riffle grade controls, root wads), in association with reforestation, floodplain enhancements, and other stream protection techniques are utilized for best results.


Montgomery Parks is regulated by a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This permit serves to regulate sources of stormwater pollution in the parkland. Parks has a strong commitment to environmental protection and stewardship of natural resources. Even prior to receiving an NPDES permit, Parks staff took steps to protect water resources and prevent pollution. As a result of development in urban and suburban watersheds, stream channels are subject to increased stormwater flows that result in severely eroded stream banks.

Montgomery Parks contain approximately 490 miles of streams that provide valuable wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Stream erosion problems include stream sedimentation, destruction of aquatic habitat, undercutting of stream banks, blockage of fish migration routes, loss of floodplain access, tree loss, damage to Park infrastructure (i.e., bike paths, bridges, utilities, and other improvements), etc.  As stewards of these aquatic resources, specialized staff applies and implements a wide variety of stream restoration practices that maximize ecological competency in Montgomery County’s most urbanized watersheds.

Project Schedules

Each project will be posted below with a link to the park webpage.  The Alert Text will outline the work program and other information on the project.

Sligo at Edgevale Stream Restoration Sligo Creek SVU 3 Construction complete; planting complete FY20
Grosvenor Stream Restoration Rock Creek SVU 3 In Construction FY21
Stoneybrook Stream Restoration Rock Creek SVU 3 In Construction FY21
Paint Branch Stream Restoration Paint Branch SVU- Jackson Road trail connector In Construction FY21
Glenallen Stream Restoration Wheaton Regional Park In Design FY22
Clearspring Stream Restoration Magruder Branch SVU 2 In Design FY22

*Timelines subject to change. Please contact the project manager for further information.

Project Contact

Erin McArdle, Project Manager

Last Updated: April 20, 2021