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Programs & Events

Meadowside Nature Center offers programs across age ranges and interests. Check out the different groups below and we hope to see you at the nature center soon.

Please check back in later for upcoming programs, we are currently on pause due to facility renovations.

For online programs and resources please visit our other Meadowside Nature Center webpages.

Teachers, did you know?


Nature Center Renovation
Meadowside Nature Center and the Nature Play Space are undergoing renovations(opens in a new tab) to incorporate new interactive and immersive exhibits. During this time, both the nature center and outdoor play space will remain closed to the public until early 2022.

Meadow Restoration
The meadow at Meadowside Nature Center has been selected for restoration(opens in a new tab). Restoration should not impact surrounding trails.

Parks staff manage and restore meadows to protect these natural habitats and ensure native plants, insects, birds, and mammals can flourish. If these areas are not managed, they would revert to forest or be overrun by non-native invasive plants, and eventually, native plants and animals would be eradicated from the area.