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Locust Grove Nature Center

Locust Grove Nature Center provides a natural sanctuary from the surrounding urban bustle in Bethesda, Maryland and offers many things to do, including environmental interpretation and education programs for all ages. 

Locust Grove Nature Center’s specialties include Traveling Naturalist school programs, programs for tots/pre-K, Nature Explorers pre-school program, campfire nature walks, and special events to name a few. You’re also welcome to come and wander our trails, enjoy our observation deck, explore our exhibits indoors and out, or discover the wonder of the self-guided theme month activities.

Native Plant Sale at Locust Grove Nature Center

graphic image at top with the words, Locust Grove Nature Center Native Plant Sale and a picture of a monarch butterfly on goldenrod plant

Learn more about our Native Plant Sale and purchase your plants before they sell out!


Go Green & Take Transit: We have a stop on the Bus Route 42 and 47 for Montgomery County DOT and transfer or walk from Westfield Mall from Metrobus J2

The entrance to Locust Grove Nature Center’s parking lot is on Democracy Blvd. We share the same parking lot as the Pauline Addie Betz Tennis Center (it’s a big blue building that looks like a warehouse). As soon as you pull into the parking lot, you’ll see a pedestrian bridge over the creek on the right side. Park in any space and then walk over the bridge. The Nature Center is the building right in front of you. The bus stop drops you off on Democracy, less than a quarter-mile walk from the Tennis Center / Nature Center entrance.

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Rent a campfire ring at Locust Grove Nature Center!

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You must have a permit to have a campfire at Locust Grove Nature Center:

  • Campfire Ring Permits available 7 days a week, 3 hours/$100 permit fee. Firewood and fire starter materials are included.
  • Call Locust Grove Nature Center 301-765-8660

Locust Grove Nature Center Fun!

Lepidoptera and Host Plants

Locust Grove Nature Center’s Marianne talks about lepidoptera, the insect order for butterflies, skippers, and moths. And, she explains about host and super host plants and their importance to the insects and their larvae.