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Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center

Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center features six indoor tennis courts, a lounge area, and two locker rooms with showers for patron use. The facility is climate controlled for year-round use.

Online reservations using QUICK RESERVE are available per normal policy, reservations will be available eight (8) days out, starting at midnight. 

PBA Tennis Center is open!

Just a few COVID-19 precautions and practices:

NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS To protect the health of our customers and staff our restrooms are CLOSED to the public.

At the conclusion of play, patrons should exit the facility promptly through the courtside doors without gathering and leave the property in a safe manner.

Rent the “Smash” Ball Machine

Want to work on your returns but can’t find a partner? Rent the “Smash” ball machine! This helpful silent partner can be set to feed balls to you at different speeds and feed rates–you can even adjust the controls to vary heights and spin!

$10 per hour. Call to reserve with your spot time.

Who was Pauline Betz Addie?

Photo of Pauline Betz Addie

Pauline Betz Addie is a Wimbledon champion (1946) and six-time Grand Slam winner. She helped to build the Cabin John Indoor Tennis Facility, and managed it for 20+ years.

For more information on her tennis career, visit the facility and walk through her career timeline on the wall!


Reserve tennis lessons and spot times at

Indoor Tennis Rules and Regulations

Patrons must adhere to the rules stated below for use of indoor tennis facilities, so that all may enjoy playing in a safe and friendly facility.

Learn more:
  1. Play at own risk.
  2. Only instructors employed by the M-NCPPC may teach private and/or group lessons at the facility. Any member of the public is welcome to work with other direct family members; however, players may not bring their own ball hoppers and/or ball machines onto the courts. There is a limit of 9 tennis balls (3 cans) per court.
  3. Conducting and/or soliciting of any business, trade, or occupation, including taking photographs and/or motion pictures for commercial use is prohibited unless authorized by a M-NCPPC permit. All permits are subject to change by M-NCPPC.
  4. The reservation holder may not sell or transfer reserved time, in part or in whole, to any other individual or group.
  5. Players may use only the courts assigned to them. Players are not permitted to go onto any court prior to their reserved time. Warming up on empty courts is prohibited.
  6. No more than four players are allowed on a court, unless they are part of an approved M-NCPPC program.
  7. The official facility clock will be used to determine court change over. An alert will sound on the hour to notify all players of court changes.
  8. All players must clean and vacate the courts as soon as their reserved time has ended. Any player remaining on the court past his/her reserved time will be charged for an additional hour.
  9. Please discard all trash and recyclable items in appropriate receptacles. Water is allowed on courts in plastic containers only. No other food or drink is allowed on courts, and glass containers are prohibited.
  10. All players must wear non-marking, light-soled tennis shoes and proper tennis attire.
  11. The deliberate hitting of balls at the ceiling, wall, curtains, light fixtures, and clocks is prohibited.
  12. The lobby, locker rooms and showers are only for the use of facility patrons.
  13. Players must be courteous to other players and to facility staff. Profanity is strictly prohibited.
  14. Unattended children are not permitted in the facility.
  15. M-NCPPC is not responsible for lost or unsecured items.
  16. The presence or consumption of alcoholic beverages on Park property is strictly prohibited.
  17. All vehicles must be parked only in designated parking spaces.
  18. The reservation holder understands they are responsible for adhering to all applicable Park Regulations while using the facility.
  19. Failure to comply with the conditions in this reservation may result in the immediate cancellation of the reservation, possible loss of reserved time and other fees paid, and may result in removal from the facility or being barred from future use of M-NCPPC tennis facilities.
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