Inclusive Special Events and Programs

Inclusive Special Events and Programs

Programs designed specifically for youth and young adults with disabilities

Inclusive Special Events

While our goal is to make many of our events are accessible, these inclusive parks events are geared specifically towards people with disabilities and their friends and family members of all abilities.

Adaptive Equipment at Special Events

Trailer with adaptive equipment

Parks has recently acquired equipment to support accessibility in Park events and programs. Equipment will be utilized at our larger special events in the county. Equipment includes wheelchairs, ramps, mobility mats, water bowls for service animals, and assisted listening devices.

Parks will also have a calming station (aka sensory tent, cool down spot, relaxation zone) – a dedicated tent/10×10 canopy that serves as a calming spot and can provide various forms of organizing sensory input when a participant is over-stimulated or upset.

Additional accessible and adaptive equipment is available to support leisure activities such as fishing, golf, and archery. Please visit our “Adaptive Equipment” page for more details.

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Last Updated: March 3, 2021