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Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) Funding Update

The County Executive’s budgets recommend a $4.4 million reduction in the Planning Board’s proposed budget which effectively eliminates all new programs and initiatives and will result in a reduction of services across many very important parks programs.

After a thorough evaluation of its most critical needs and through careful belt tightening, the Department of Parks is able to sustain a $2.7 million cut. However, the department still needs $1.7 million of this funding request restored to continue providing quality services to community residents. The Department’s priorities for restoring funding are outlined here.

The Department of Parks needs funding restored to operate new parks and buildings including:

  • the Wheaton Revitalization Project building which will consolidate office space for seven government agencies.
  • new capital improvement projects such as the Josiah Henson Museum and the local park collocated with the Wheaton Library-Recreation Center complex.

The Department of Parks also needs funding restored for program enhancements, including:

  • continuing improvements to athletic fields and operations to sustain safe, playable fields;
  • addressing the backlog of failing plumbing, electrical and other essential systems in aging facilities; and
  • supporting data-driven solutions that help streamline park maintenance operations to improve level of service for park patrons.

Montgomery Parks needs a minimum of $1.7 million in funding restored in order to improve existing operations and programs.

What You Can Do:

  • Testify at an upcoming public hearing. To testify in person, you must sign up in advance. Sign up online or call 240-777-7803.
  • Show up, listen and learn. Send a powerful message with your presence by coming out to support Parks speakers during public hearings.
  • Send letters, tweets, emails, and testimonials to the Montgomery County Council and let them know why parks need funding. Send emails to: council@montgomerycountymd.gov or specific email addresses listed here. Send letters to: Council President, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.

Important Dates:

Monday, 4/8/19 at 1:30 pm  – Public Hearing

Monday, 4/8/19 at 7 pm – Public Hearing

Tuesday, 4/9/19 at 7 pm –  Public Hearing

Wednesday, 4/10/19 at 1:30 pm – Public Hearing

Wednesday, 4/10/19 at 7 pm – Public Hearing

In April, the County Council’s Planning, Housing, Economic Development (PHED) Committee will meet to make critical recommendations on restoring parks funding.

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Last Updated: April 9, 2019