Support Crucial Funding for Montgomery Parks

In order to keep our world-class park system in top shape for current and future generations, we need your help!

All development, improvement, and maintenance in Montgomery Parks is governed by the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). In January, County Executive Isiah Leggett requested that we cut funding in FY19 to the tune of $26.4 million. Specifically, Mr. Leggett recommended that we reduce our CIP budget from $243.5 million to $217 million. He also instituted a switch in funding for our two water quality projects—Pollution Prevention and Stream Protection.

What’s at Stake?

To keep up with County growth and a demand for services, we need to be nimble. In the current fiscally constrained climate, we believe that focusing on ongoing maintenance projects, coordinated renovations and smaller improvements to our parks and facilities is the way to go.

FY19 Priorities – Capital Improvements Program

  • ADA Compliance
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis and Multi-Use Courts
  • Urban Parks
  • Trails
  • Historic Building Restoration
  • Stream Restoration & Pollution Prevention

What You Can Do

Montgomery County residents are very much a part of the County Council’s decision-making process. Whether the decision is a new law, a master plan, or the budget, the Council considers all views expressed by community members.

Read our Letter to Advocates for details regarding our call-to-action to support these funding priorities for Montgomery Parks.

Send letters, tweets, emails, and testimonials to the Montgomery County Council and let them know why parks need funding. Send letters to: Council President, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850, or use this link to send an email to the council administrator in support of our projects.

Stay tuned for more information on the County Council Public Hearings on the FY19 Operating Budget.

Last year, you made your voices heard during the Council’s budget hearings. Many Park Enthusiasts let the Council know why parks matter to them and the greater County community. Let’s continue to make our voices heard and stay in the funding fight!

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Last Updated: February 13, 2018