Support Crucial Funding for Montgomery Parks

The crux of fulfilling our mission is balancing environmental stewardship with recreation. The right balance is what will keep our world-class park system in top shape for current and future generations.

What’s at Stake?

Each year, Montgomery Parks needs additional resources to operate. If we do not receive additional resources each year to care for our growing parks system, programs suffer, facilities deteriorate, and we lose the capacity to provide activities and resources for community residents.

A successful budget outcome is never guaranteed. We rely on a committed contingent of park enthusiasts to successfully advocate on our behalf.

What You Can Do

The FY20 budget season is about to begin. We are always looking for new voices to advocate on behalf of parks. We want the Montgomery County Council to hear from park advocates and advocacy groups on an ongoing basis in support of the parks budget.

Thank you for the continued support!


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Last Updated: March 18, 2019