Germantown Town Center Urban Park

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Project Description

This project provides a new park in the Germantown Town Center, situated at the northern end of an 8.80-acre parcel of land owned by Montgomery County and shared with the new Germantown Regional Library.  The site is challenging to develop due to the presence of existing wetlands, existing stormwater management facilities and steep slopes.


A facility planning study was conducted and a plan for the park was approved by the Montgomery County Planning Board on June 30, 2005.  Due to site constraints, the park will be passive in nature.  Features of the park include the creation of additional open space areas by placing a large stormwater management facility underground, new interpretive trails and boardwalks, lighting, overlook terraces, water features, a pavilion that could be used for community festivals and events, and enhanced wetland areas for education and interpretation of nature.   The project was approved and funded for detailed design and construction by the Montgomery County Council with the condition that Staff examine alternative approaches to stormwater management in the detailed design phase in order to reduce capital and maintenance costs.

Status/Project Update

Germantown Town Center Urban Park was officially opened to the public on Saturday, October 17, 2015. This unique 8.80-acre urban park is located amidst mixed-use development including housing, the Germantown Regional Library, the Black Rock Center for the Arts and numerous local businesses and restaurants.
The park features:

  • Open lawn areas for casual recreation such as volleyball, Frisbee, dog walking, kite flying, ball tossing, and more.
  • An outdoor area for community festivals, events and performances.
  • Unique seating, picnic areas, bicycle racks and a drinking fountain.
  • Attractive wetland and storm water management facilities that serve as primary water features and focal points for the park while also creating a natural habitat for birds, fish and other stream and wildlife.
  • Loop trails for walking within the park, including boardwalks and bridgets to span wetland areas.
  • Pedestrian and bike path connections to adjacent uses
  • Attractive lighting for safety and use after dark.

The project was supported by $1.5 million dollars of Program Open Space Funding from the state of Maryland.

View Construction Photos

  • 12 Photos – October 2014 (single pdf file)
  • 4 Photos – May 2015 (single pdf file)

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and Planning Board memos will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

June 30, 2005 Planning Board Meeting – Facility Plan approved M-NCPPC, Montgomery Regional Office
8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
October 2008 Design begins
Fall 2010 Design completed
Spring 2012 Construction begins
Winter 2014/2015 Construction is 75% complete
Spring 2015 Construction substantially complete and park opens
October 17, 2015 Formal park opening Germantown Town Center Urban Park
19840 Century Boulevard
Germantown, MD 20874


M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Andy Frank, Project Manager

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Last Updated: August 30, 2016