Elmhirst Parkway Neighborhood Park

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Locust Hill Neighborhood Park was developed approximately 50 years ago in an environmently sensitive area along a tributary to Rock Creek prior to the current awareness and regulations regrading protection of the environment. The park was cut off from maintenance access when the Capital Beltway was constructed. Facilities deterorated significantly.

Many residents were concerned about the need for a playground after the Locust Hill Park had to be removed for maintenance and environmental reasons. This new park is necessary to provide a replacement playground and passive recreation area for a community with many young children. This project replaces existing playground facilities that have been lost by the community over time and the new park location serves the same neighborhood.

Planning Board Action

At the hearing of June 16, 2005 the Planning Board approved the Concept Plan for park facilities recommended by staff as follows:

  • Re-classification of the Locust Hill Neighborhood Park to a Neighborhood Conservation Area;
  • Re-classification of the Elmhirst Parkway Neighborhood Conservation area to a Neighborhood Park;
  • Concept plan for the proposed Elmhirst Parkway Neighborhood Park which included a playground, foot bridge, pathway and landscaping.
  • Preliminary project Cost: $450,000.00

The County Council adopted the project and the funding sources on August 1, 2006.


This project provides a replacement park for the Locust Hill Estates community. The park will be conctructed in a section of the adjacent Elmhirst Parkway Neighborhood Conservation Area that is suitable for development. The existing Locust Hill Neighborhood Park will be converted to a Neighborhood Conservation Area, and a portion of Elmhirst Parkway Neighborhood Conservation Area will be converted into a neighborhood park. A playground with multi-age equipment, safety surfacing, benches and parking lot improvements are included in the scope of the project. A bridge will provide access to the Parkview Estates community. The existing open natural area will be maintained for recreation.


Construction was completed in April 2010.

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Patricia McManus

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Last Updated: August 9, 2016