Trails Planning and Implementation

Division: Park Planning and Stewardship
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We are always working to improve and develop our Park trails to provide an interconnected countywide trail system of natural surface and paved trails. This page contains information on current construction and planning projects.

Trail Projects in Progress

Natural Surface Trails

Hiking-Only Trails Renovation Project – Little Bennett Regional Park 

As part of the Little Bennett Regional Master Plan, Montgomery Parks is renovating all the hiking-only trails (Antler Ridge, Beaver Valley, Bennett Ridge, Big Oak, Little Oak, Owl Ridge, Stoneybrook, Whitetail, Wilson Mill, and Woodcock Hollow) starting in January 2020. The project will improve trail surface and drainage conditions. The project anticipates completion in Winter 2021. All trails will remain open during renovation work.

Cabin John Trail Renovation Project – Cabin John Stream Valley Park Units 1 & 2

As part of the implementation of the Countywide Park Trails Plan, Montgomery Parks will be renovating an eroded section of the Cabin John Trail in Summer 2020. The project will relocate the trail out of the flood plain and away from eroding slopes to increase safety, improve trail surface conditions, and provide a more sustainable trail alignment. Construction will start in May with a completion date in August 2020. The new trail will be a multi-use, accessible to hikers and bikers, consistent with the rest of the Cabin John Trail. The existing section of the Cabin John Trail will remain open during the construction. The old trail will be close-off in November 2020, while still providing a few to access areas to the stream.

New Natural Surface Trail Construction Project – Upper Paint Branch Stream Valley Park

As part of the Upper Paint Branch Limited Trail Plan, Montgomery Parks will begin implementing Phase II of the plan by constructing new multi-use natural surface trails in late August 2020. These new trails will provide access for residents to enjoy Upper Paint Branch Stream Valley Parks. The project anticipates completion in early November 2020. LEARN MORE

Paved Trails

Capital Crescent Trail Crossing at Little Falls Parkway
This project addresses safety concerns at this crossing location. Click on the link for more project details.

Little Falls Stream Valley Park- Little Falls Trail Construction Project

Upcoming construction in the Little Falls Stream Valley Park Trail will close sections of the trail this summer. The project will stabilize the stream channels, provide drainage improvements, protect exposed utility infrastructure, and repave the connector trails. Part of the work will include the replacement of two pedestrian bridge crossings. Temporary trail detours will be provided for trail users. The work trail work area is near Westmorland Local Park and Albemarle Drive. Project to start late summer 2020 and finish in the spring of 2021.

 Trail Planning

A piece of construction equipment near a trail to a new bridge. Work personnel in background.

Trail Plans In Progress

Existing Trail Plans


Last Updated: August 13, 2020