Sundown Road Local Park – Playground Renovation

Division: Park Development
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Project Description

This project renovates and replaces the existing playground in Sundown Road Local Park, located at 6200 Sundown Road, Laytonsville, MD.


The existing playground will be removed and a new playground will be installed in its place.  Local park playgrounds are typically 3,500 to 5,000 square feet in size and include playground equipment to meet the needs of children from ages 2-12, and seating for caregivers.  Typical types of equipment include swings, play structures and smaller freestanding pieces.

After the playground renovation project had begun, staff had the opportunity to address stormwater runoff, along with improving accessibility issues throughout the entire park.  This project is part of the Playground Renovation Program and the ADA Accessibility Program.  Renovations will provide new playground equipment and site upgrades, enhance accessibility, and improve stormwater management at the site.

Status/Project Update

The playground design was completed in June 2019.  The construction documents and obtaining the permits was initiated after the design was finished.  The permits were approved in January 2021, and the construction phase of the project began.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and presentation materials will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

Summer 2018 Develop design
Summer 2019 Playground design complete
Fall 2019 Develop construction documents
Summer/Fall 2020 Obtain Permits
May 2021 Playground construction begins

* Dates and times subject to change

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Kathy Dearstine, Project Manager

Last Updated: May 11, 2021