South Germantown Recreational Park – Archery Range Improvements

Division: Park Development
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Project Description

The archery range in South Germantown Recreational Park is surrounded by the golf range, the solar field, the community gardens and maintenance yard. The existing archery range access is from the gravel parking lot in front of the community gardens. It has two (2) foam targets with canopies on the west side of the site, which is not the ideal direction for shooting. The range also has three (3) movable picnic tables.

The goal of the improvements is to provide a safe, fun and accessible amenity that will be well used by the residence.

The proposed improvements include the following items:

  • To provide one accessible parking space and aisle, as well as a paved walkway into the archery range.
  • To redirect shooting to the north to prevent the archers from shooting with the sunlight in their eyes.
  • To expand the archery range from two (2) targets to three (3) areas with the potential of twelve (12) targets. The three areas include:
    • Beginner Area: including 4 targets that range from 5yards to 20yards
      • Target Area: including 5 targets that range from 20yards to 70yards
    • Hunting Area: including 3-4 targets that range from 20yards to 70yards, with a future accessible elevated platform for more fun experiences.
  • To connect all three areas with a concrete walkway that leads to the parking lot.
  • To provide waiting/rest spaces with picnic tables.
  • To provide a stone dust paved walkway from the shooting lane to targets so it is easier to retrieve arrows.
  • To install a bow hanger, a quiver, and distance markers at each shooting station.
  • To install a berm that separates the archery range and golf range for safety concerns.
  • To install a sign for safety rules and more warning signs around the archery range for safety concerns.

Status/Project Update

Montgomery Parks Staff has met players on site to understand their requirement and receive the suggestions for using the range.

The staff then redesigned the archery range and posted the project at Open Town Hall forum to receive public comments and feedback of the improvements.

In spring 2018, a six foot high berm was built at the northern end of the archery range (between the archery range and the golf range) to protect the players beyond the archery range.

Construction is expected to be completed and the archery range reopens in March 2019.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and presentation materials will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

Winter 2017-2018 Open Town Hall Forum – Public comments Online
Spring 2018 Finalize detailed design (in-house)
September 2018 The archery is closed for construction
March 2019 Construction completed, and archery range reopens

M-NCPPC Park Contact

Wen Huang, Architect, ADA Project Manager
(301) 495-2466

Last Updated: January 24, 2020