Kensington Cabin Local Park

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Project Description

The goal of this project is to bring Kensington Cabin Local Park into compliance with current Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines (ADA). The scope of park improvements will include a handicapped parking space on Kensington Parkway, an accessible trail connecting key park features, a new playground, landscaping and stormwater treatment.


The Department of Justice has mandated that public parks come into compliance with current ADA guidelines. Montgomery County Parks was in the process of updating trail accessibility in Kensington Cabin Park when local residents identified that the ADA improvements would adversely affect existing green space and did not utilize current best practices for stormwater management.

Status/Project Update

Plans were prepared, and a community meeting held for public review and comment. Modifications were required to meet environmental planning goals to reduce impervious surfaces in the stream valley buffer. Upon meeting these requirements, the plans were approved, and county and state permits were issued. Construction began in early May 2013, and was completed in September 2013.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

June 9, 2010 Design began
September 27, 2010
Community Meeting
Present project history, ADA requirements, proposed park improvements and playground options.
Town of Kensington
3710 Mitchell Street
Kensington, MD 20895
Spring 2012 Design completed and submitted to county and state agencies for permits
April 2013 All permits received
May 6, 2013 Construction began
September 2013 Construction completed


M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Bob Kane, Construction Manager

Last Updated: January 28, 2019