Environmental Restoration and Stormwater Outfall Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program

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Rosemary Hills Local Park Outfall Restoration Prpject. Construction of micros and log sills (1) for outfall restoration project at Rosemary Hills Local Park

Project Description

This program is intended to provide rehabilitation of existing stormwater outfall infrastructure in conjunction with environmental enhancements of natural resources at various Parks throughout Montgomery County.


Stormwater outfalls (locations where concentrated flows of stormwater are released back into nature) are located throughout our Park system.  Due to impervious surfaces upstream, the stormwater often enters our Parks at high velocities, causing erosion and degradation of our stream valleys.  By using ‘green’ techniques to repair these eroded outfalls in our stream valleys, we can protect both natural areas and infrastructure (trails, playgrounds, recreational open space, athletic fields, etc) from flooding, erosion, and degradation.  This strategy keeps our facilities safe while improving habitat and ecological function. Currently, this program is funded to address several prioritized projects each fiscal year in order to eliminate these hazardous conditions while enhancing our natural environment.

Project Schedules

Little Falls at Dorset Concrete Channel Removal (Little Falls SVU) Under Construction FY20
Spring Lake Drive Outfall (Cabin John RP) In Design FY21
Spring Valley Road Outfall and Retrofits (North Chevy Chase LP) In Design FY21
Byeford Road Outfall (Rock Creek SVU 3) In Design FY21
Wildwood Road Outfall (Rock Creek SVU 3) In Design FY21
Wells NP Outfall (Wells NP) In Planning FY22

*Dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the Project Manager for additiona information

 Project Contact

Jay Childs, Construction Manager

(301) 495-2595


Last Updated: August 3, 2020