Olney Manor Dog Park Light Installation

Division: Park Development
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illustration of dog park at olney manor recreational park wioth lights

Project Description

With the help of a bond bill from the Maryland General Assembly, Montgomery County Parks has funding in place to install lights at the dog park within Olney Manor Recreational Park as a pilot program.


  • Olney Manor Recreational Park was selected as the location for this pilot project because much of the park (including baseball fields, tennis courts, parking lots and driveways) is already lit for nighttime use.
  • The lights at the dog park would be on a timer, automatically shutting off at 11 pm.  This is consistent with the rest of the lights throughout the park and Montgomery Parks’ policy for lighted facilities.
  • The light fixtures would match the existing street lights on the adjacent driveway and parking lots.  They are full cut-off fixtures, which direct light down and into the dog park, preventing light trespass onto adjacent properties.
  • Light poles would be placed just outside of the dog park fence, allowing the dog park to remain open during the installation and maintenance of the lighting.

Status/Project Update

Many thanks to everyone who submitted comments on the proposal to install lights at the Olney Manor Dog Park.  This project will move forward thanks to the substantial and enthusiastic support of respondents.  The concerns voiced about light trespass and light pollution are ones that Montgomery Parks takes seriously, and we will take measures to ensure that this project does not contribute to either issue.  The fixtures being proposed are full cutoff, LED lights identical to the ones that already line the driveway immediately adjacent to the dog park.  Photometric calculations have been performed to determine the placement of the fixtures in a way that all light is directed into the dog park and will not spill over into adjacent residential properties.  Finally, the new fixtures will be placed on the same schedule as the adjacent driveway lights.  The timing of the lights can be revisited in the future if issues arise for park patrons or neighbors.

We anticipate the new lights to be installed and operational by the Spring of 2020.  If you have any questions about the project, please contact Aaron Feldman at aaron.feldman@montgomeryparks.org or 301-650-2887.  If you have any questions about the current operation of the dog park, please contact Todd Holmes at todd.holmes@montgomeryparks.org or 301-563-7569.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and Planning Board memos will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

2019 Planning Stage
May 2019 Open Town Hall Public Comment Period
December 2019 Construction to start
January 2020 Construction complete



M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Patricia McManus, Project Manager

Last Updated: January 30, 2020