Meadowbrook Riding Stables Improvement Projects

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Side view of the stable house at Meadowbrook Stables Side view of the stable house at Meadowbrook Stables

Project Description

Montgomery Parks is making improvements to Meadowbrook Stables, including replacing the roof over the administrative wing of the building and upgrading the public restrooms to meet ADA requirements.  Staff will be making interior and exterior improvements to one of two restrooms so that it is ADA compliant. Restrooms will be closed while improvements are being made. 

These improvements have been approved by the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission.


Meadowbrook Stables are located in the 22-acre Meadowbrook Local Park along the intersection of East-West Highway and Jones Mill Road in Silver Spring.  The stables are on Meadowbrook Lane, across from the intersection with Blaine Drive and Washington Avenue.  They are listed as an Individual Site in the Master Plan for Historic Preservation (Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation Designation No. 36-3, Category 1 Listing).

The stables opened in 1934 as Rock Creek Stables and were hailed as one of the finest saddle clubs in the East. The structure is a 2.5-story, nine-bay, frame building.  The barn contains 57 stalls.  A tack room, office, and an apartment are on the west end of the building.  The building has been altered over time, but generally retains its original appearance. The Meadowbrook Stables are operated through the Parks Public-Private Partnership Program.

Recently, Meadowbrook Stables is completing the construction of a covered riding ring on the southeastern corner of the property, farthest from Rock Creek. The riding ring is a pavilion-like structure with seasonal enclosures for year-round use. More information can be found on the Meadowbrook Stables: Covered Riding Ring Project web page.

Status/Project Update

The roof and restroom work will proceed in separate phases in order that the stables operations and riding programs can continue without interruption and with minimal impact to park users.

  • Phase I, early Spring 2021 -Administration Wing, Roof Replacement
  • Phase II, TBD, Restroom accessibility improvements

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and Planning Board memos will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

Summer 2021 Phase I-  Administration wing, roof replacement  Meadowbrook Riding Stable administration building
TBD Phase II- Restroom accessibility improvements  Meadowbrook Riding Stable administration building

*Dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the project manager for the latest updates to the project.

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Jay Childs | Construction Manager | | 301-495-2595

Last Updated: March 25, 2021