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Forest Grove Neighborhood Park

forestgrove_playground site_rendering

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Project Description

This project renovates and replaces the existing playground in Forest Grove Neighborhood Park, located at 9901 Dameron Drive, Wheaton, MD.


The existing playground will be removed and a completely new playground will be installed in its place. The renovated playground will include a large structure, a white water raft, a small car, spring toys, a concrete frog and dragon, an overhead spinner, climbing blocks, and swings.

Status/Project Update

The scope of the project was expanded to include the replacement of the pedestrian bridge on the trail. Both the playground and bridge are currently under renovation. The project is expected to continue until July 1, 2013. The trail will remain open during construction. Please use caution near construction areas. Thanks for your patience as we make improvements to this park.


Spring 2012

- Construction drawings completed
- Applying for permits (receipt of permits will be posted)

Spring/Summer 2013 Construction begins. Estimated completion date is the end of July 2013.  
August 1, 2013 Construction completed - playground open  


M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Kathleen Dearstine, Project Manager

Date of last update: September 26, 2013