Art in the Parks

During the mid-1980s, the Commission started an “Art in the Parks” program to commission and install pieces of art in the county parks. In 1992, the program ended as budgets were tightened, but the artworks remain in our parks today. They include totem poles stainless steel sculptures, and realistic bronze statues, varying from ultra-modern forms to lifelike depictions. Together they help to create a landscape of interest, exploration and wonder!

Today, any new public art comes to M-NCPPC’s Department of Park and Planning through the Public Arts Trust (administered by the Arts Council of Montgomery County) and through private donations.

  • “The Juggler” (1989) by Marcia Billig
  • “The Solar Farm” (1988) by Nizette Brennan
  • “Blackhill Mallards” (1991) by Tim Barnes
  • “Bethesda Walkaround” (1989) by George Greenamyer
  • “Field of Play” (1993) by Jim Gallucci
  • “Whispers” (1992) by Steve Weitzman
  • “Skatersong” (1990) by Walter Kravitz
  • “Layhill Phoenix” by Stephan Saal
  • “Satori” (1989) by James Thomas Russell
  • “Made in the Shade” (1990) by Ann LaRose


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Last Updated: August 24, 2016