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About the VSO

The Volunteer Services Office seeks to advance the mission of Montgomery Park’s by supporting park staff in their efforts to effectively engage volunteers in their work programs, and helping to facilitate volunteer partnerships that enhance our park system.


Jayne & LynnJayne Hench and Lynn Vismara.

Jayne Hench, Volunteer Services Coordinator
Lynn Vismara, Group Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 301-495-2504
HOT-LINE: 301-495-2464 (used primarily for information associated with large events)

About us

Jayne has served as the Volunteer Services Coordinator with Montgomery Parks since 1989.  Prior to that she has worked as a Park Naturalist and as a seasonal Maintenance Worker at Little Bennett Regional Park.  A lifelong enthusiast of public lands, she especially enjoys working with the myriad of volunteers and staff who understand the importance of parks.

Lynn came to Montgomery Parks from Chicago in 1994 and joined the staff at Meadowbrook Maintenance Area as an Administrative Specialist.  She worked closely with Region staff and brings her real world knowledge of park operations to the Volunteer Services Office.  Since 2004 she has worked with community groups interested in performing service projects in parks – matching interests with park needs.

The Volunteer Services Office serves as the primary hub for managing our very large and complex volunteer contingent.  We are very fortunate to have such generous community support.  Each year over 1,500 individuals and 400 groups donate more than 70,000 hours of volunteer service!

Date of last update: January 28, 2013