Corporate Sponsorship Program

M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks is pleased to announce the development of a corporate park naming and sponsorship program that will allow us to build mutually beneficial relationships with local, regional, and national businesses and non-profit organizations in an effort to:

  • Raise revenue to enhance, expand and sustain programs, facilities and services for the benefit of the public; and,
  • Increase awareness of M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks and its programs, facilities and services among new audiences.

This page has been established to provide you with information about our sponsorship program. If you have any questions that are not answered by the information on this page, or if you would simply like to share your thoughts on the policy or overall program, please submit written questions or comments to Kate.Stookey@MontgomeryParks.org.

Current Status

The Corporate Sponsorship Policy was adopted by the Planning Board on Thursday, January 31. Click to view the staff packet that was presented to the Planning Board and the final, approved Corporate Sponsorship Policy.

Corporate Sponsorship Q&A

What is corporate sponsorship?
Corporate sponsorship is defined as a mutually beneficial business relationship in which two entities exchange things of value. Sponsors are typically seeking public recognition, publicity and advertising opportunities in exchange for cash or in-kind support (like products or services).

How much money will this program generate?
Analysis of our assets and their market value to sponsors is needed before we can make informed revenue projections for the program.  However, research shows that sponsorship programs managed by other parks, county and municipal agencies generate anywhere between $100,000 and $1,600,000 annually.

What will the money generated be used to support?
Revenue generated through the corporate sponsorship program will be used to support Department programs and priorities that are currently underfunded. Programs supported could include our volunteer Weed Warriors program, our restoration and interpretation of historic and cultural sites, or programs that support our Children in Nature initiative, among others.

How will this impact my park experience?
You might see advertising messages on the dasher boards in our ice rinks and the outfield fences surrounding some of our regional and recreational athletic fields or sponsor logo recognition on our website and in special event publications (such as the Harvest Festival). You will NOT see large billboards or other structures erected in our parks just for the purpose of sponsor recognition or advertising. Montgomery Parks will retain full control over the placement, content, appearance and wording of all sponsorship recognition benefits and messages and will work to avoid or minimize adverse impact on the park visitor’s experience.

What is the timing for the corporate sponsorship program?
The Corporate Park Naming and Sponsorship Program will be implemented in three phases:

  1. Policy Development (Completed)
    This first phase focuses primarily on the development of a Corporate Park Naming and Sponsorship Policy to help guide and direct the development of the program. During this phase, we’ll be seeking input from the Countywide Recreation Advisory Board, Homeowner’s and Civic Associations, other organized groups and associations, elected representatives, and the general public to help us finalize the policy document. The final draft will then be presented to the Montgomery County Planning Board for adoption in a public session at the end of January 2013.
  2. Program Development (In progress)
    During this phase, we’ll be developing a list of park facilities and programs appropriate for sponsorship, create and establish values for different levels of sponsorship, and prepare marketing materials to promote the program.
  3. Program Implementation
    This is the phase in which the program is launched and includes the marketing, negotiation and administration of sponsorship opportunities. The Montgomery County Parks Foundation will administer this program in coordination with Department staff.

Are other park systems doing this?
Yes. Below is a representative list of the other counties, cities, parks and municipalities we have researched that currently have sponsorship programs in place, including Bethesda Green and the City of Gaithersburg in Montgomery County.

How can I become a corporate sponsor?
If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Debbie Rankin, the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Parks Foundation at 301-495-2490 or via email at info@MontgomeryParksFoundation.org.

Last Updated: August 5, 2016