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M-NCPPC Rules and Regulations

For the operation of the Park Systems in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties



Help Improve the Parks! Montgomery Parks is Seeking Public Comment on the Current Park Rules and Regulations

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission is preparing to revise its Park Rules and Regulations. Under Maryland Law, the Park Rules and Regulations determine how the Commission’s park and recreation system in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County work. Proposed changes to rules and regulations include:Announcement

  • Commercial activities in parks such as food truck and merchandise vendors, vendors who post lawn sign advertisements, and unsanctioned fitness “consultants”
  • Unpermitted regular use of athletic fields by large groups who may organize via social media
  • Use of bicycles on trails
  • Smoking and similar activities on park property
  • Consumption of adult beverages on park property

A draft of the proposed new rules and regulations is currently available at Current Park Rules and Regulations are available for review below.

Your Comments Are Welcome. To submit your comments online: The deadline for written comments has been extended to 5:00 PM, Monday, August 1, 2016.

For more information and to view schedule, visit: (06/10/2016)


As approved by The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and The Montgomery County Planning Board.


Chapter I: Purpose, Authority, Enforcement
Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Authority
Section 3: Violations and Penalties

Chapter II: Definitions
Section 1: Definitions

Chapter III: Regulation of Public Use
Section 1: Use by the General Public
Section 2: Hours of Operation
Section 3: Permits

Chapter IV: Regulation of Traffic
Section 1: Enforcement
Section 2: Speed Limit
Section 3: Permissible Roadways
Section 4: Trucks over One Ton, Commercial Vehicles, Buses
Section 5: Parking Regulations
Section 6: Impoundment of Illegally Parked Vehicles

Chapter V: Regulation of General Conduct and Personal Behavior (CODE OF CONDUCT)
Section 1: Policy
Section 2: Regulations
Section 3: Alcohol/Tobacco, Controlled Substances
Section 4: Indecent Conduct
Section 5: Obstructing Entrances, Exits, Sidewalks
Section 6: Employees: Interference with Duties and Programs
Section 7: Unauthorized Presence
Section 8: Destruction of Park Property
Section 9: Littering, Dumping and Storage
Section 10: Posting Notices, Carrying Signs and Picketing
Section 11: Erecting Structures
Section 12: Commercial Use
Section 13: Audio Devices and Noise
Section 14: Automobile Service
Section 15: Powered Model Airplanes and Rockets
Section 16: Fireworks and Explosives
Section 17: Weapons
Section 18: Gambling
Section 19: Metal Detectors, Digging
Section 20: Domesticated Animals
Section 21: Wildlife, Plants, Fossils, Minerals
Section 22: Lost and Found Objects
Section 23: Intended Use of Park Property

Chapter VI: Regulation of Recreational Activities
Section 1: Aeronautical Activities
Section 2: Athletics
Section 3: Bicycling
Section 4: Boating
Section 5: Camping
Section 6: Fires
Section 7: Fishing
Section 8: Golf
Section 9: Horseback Riding
Section 10: Hunting/Trapping
Section 11: Picnicking
Section 12: Roller Skating/Roller Blading/In-line Skating and Skateboards
Section 13: Swimming, Water Sports
Section 14: Winter Sports
Section 15: Amusement/Play Equipment


Policiy and Procedure for Siting Telecommunications Facilities on Park Property