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M-NCPPC Rules and Regulations

For the operation of the Park Systems in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties

As approved by The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and The Montgomery County Planning Board.


Chapter I: Purpose, Authority, Enforcement
Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Authority
Section 3: Violations and Penalties

Chapter II: Definitions
Section 1: Definitions

Chapter III: Regulation of Public Use
Section 1: Use by the General Public
Section 2: Hours of Operation
Section 3: Permits

Chapter IV: Regulation of Traffic
Section 1: Enforcement
Section 2: Speed Limit
Section 3: Permissible Roadways
Section 4: Trucks over One Ton, Commercial Vehicles, Buses
Section 5: Parking Regulations
Section 6: Impoundment of Illegally Parked Vehicles

Chapter V: Regulation of General Conduct and Personal Behavior (CODE OF CONDUCT)
Section 1: Policy
Section 2: Regulations
Section 3: Alcohol/Tobacco, Controlled Substances
Section 4: Indecent Conduct
Section 5: Obstructing Entrances, Exits, Sidewalks
Section 6: Employees: Interference with Duties and Programs
Section 7: Unauthorized Presence
Section 8: Destruction of Park Property
Section 9: Littering, Dumping and Storage
Section 10: Posting Notices, Carrying Signs and Picketing
Section 11: Erecting Structures
Section 12: Commercial Use
Section 13: Audio Devices and Noise
Section 14: Automobile Service
Section 15: Powered Model Airplanes and Rockets
Section 16: Fireworks and Explosives
Section 17: Weapons
Section 18: Gambling
Section 19: Metal Detectors, Digging
Section 20: Domesticated Animals
Section 21: Wildlife, Plants, Fossils, Minerals
Section 22: Lost and Found Objects
Section 23: Intended Use of Park Property

Chapter VI: Regulation of Recreational Activities
Section 1: Aeronautical Activities
Section 2: Athletics
Section 3: Bicycling
Section 4: Boating
Section 5: Camping
Section 6: Fires
Section 7: Fishing
Section 8: Golf
Section 9: Horseback Riding
Section 10: Hunting/Trapping
Section 11: Picnicking
Section 12: Roller Skating/Roller Blading/In-line Skating and Skateboards
Section 13: Swimming, Water Sports
Section 14: Winter Sports
Section 15: Amusement/Play Equipment


Policiy and Procedure for Siting Telecommunications Facilities on Park Property