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Discounts, Deposits, Refunds, and Fees

What is the refund policy?
The refund policy depends upon the type of facility you rent. Please visit or call 301-495-2525 to determine the appropriate policy for your facility of choice.

How do I get my security deposit refunded?
Security deposits are refunded automatically after your event if there are no problems.  You can expect to receive your refund anywhere between 1 to 6 weeks after your event. If damages were incurred, your security deposit can be withheld to cover those costs. Permit Office staff will notify you directly if your security deposit is being withheld.

Can I pay for my permit with a Purchase Order?
We do not accept Purchase Orders for payment.

Where do I voice my concerns over increased user fees?
You can share any permit-related concerns with our General Information Line at 301-495-2595 or via our General Information email at