Skip to Navigation | Skip to Content Update: NEW Applications for the 2013 Community Garden Program will begin February 4, 2013. No applications can be accepted prior to that date. While we are updating the site, you may review the application process from last year to learn how it works. Please note that in order to rent a Community Garden plot, you must obtain a FREE Park Permit. Please go to the Application Scheduling and Permitting Process below to learn how to obtain your Park Permit. You may obtain a Park Permit at any time. Please remember to save your registration information and password.

Community Gardens Program

About the Community Gardens Program
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Community Garden Locations
Conditions of Use


Garden Plots for 2015:

Current plot holders may begin renewal of their plots starting December 1, 2014. All renewals must be received by January 15, 2015. Any plot that is not renewed by that date will become available for rental by new applicants beginning February 2, 2015. All renewals must be done by email, mail, fax, or in person. Online applications are not available for people renewing their plots. Please note: You have not successfully renewed your plot until you receive your new permit number from the Park Permits Office. If you do not receive a new permit by January 15, 2015, please contact Park Permits at or

New applications for Community Garden plots will be accepted beginning February 2, 2015. No applications will be processed prior to that date. In order to rent a plot, you must be a resident of Montgomery County and obtain a FREE ParkPASS Account. Signing up for a Park Pass Account prior to the application date can expedite the rental process. To provide gardening opportunities for as many people as possible, garden plots will be limited to one-person-one-plot. Each new applicant may rent only one plot. For information on how to create a Park Pass Account, please click on the link below:

2014 Waiting Lists:

All waiting lists are annual, and the current list will expire on December 1, 2014. If you are on a waiting list for 2014 and did not receive a plot, YOU SHOULD APPLY FOR A PLOT in 2015. Applications for the 2015 growing season will be be accepted beginning February 2, 2015. No application will be accepted prior to that date.

2015 Waiting Lists:

As the community gardens fill up in 2015, we will start a new waiting list for each garden. If you are unable to rent a plot at the garden of your choice and wish to be added to the waiting list for 2015, please send an email to the Community Garden Coordinator, and include "Waiting List and the Name of the Garden" in the subject line of your email. Please include a daytime phone number in the body of the email. You will receive a return email that confirms you have been added to the list. You may be added to more than one waiting list.

Please note that the new waiting list will be for the 2015 calendar year ONLY. We DO NOT carry the list from year to year.

About the Community Gardens:

Montgomery Parks community gardens program offers Montgomery County residents the opportunity to use public space and water to garden an individual plot(s) at low cost. Join over 600 gardeners, who garden plots in one of our 11 locations, located all over Montgomery County. As the program grows and neighbors come together, Montgomery Parks will respond by increasing community garden spaces as we are able.

Our community gardeners grow much more than vegetables and flowers. In partnership with Parks, we make positive environmental, economic, and aesthetic impacts on daily lives. Join us and transform strangers into friends and neighborhoods into communities.


Garden plots are rented on an annual basis, and the cost varies depending on the size of the plot.  The most common plot sizes are 200 and 400 square feet respectively. Please review the Community Garden Locations section to learn what size plots are available at each garden. Please note all sizes are approximate.

200 sq feet $35
300 sq feet $45
400 sq feet $55
625 sq feet $75
Containers $25


All gardens except the Maple Avenue Container Garden, have water available on site. Most gardens have water tanks called cisterns for this purpose. The gardeners work together to fill the cisterns with water the nearby WSSC fire hydrants. The gardeners use water meters that Parks rents from WSSC. The cost of water is included in the rental fee. Water is available from early April until October each year. The Maple Avenue contairners have water reservoirs and are filled 3 times per season by Parks staff.


All gardens except the Maple Avenue site are enclosed with deer fencing. The fencing ranges from 7 to 10 feet in height. Some gardens also have underground fencing to deter burrowing animals. Unfortunately, it is not possible to exclude all animal pests from the gardens. Most gardens have gates with combination locks, and only people with plots are given the combinations. When you rent a plot, you will receive a permit for your garden plot as well as the combination for the garden gate/s. There is one combination for all of the locks at each garden.

Expectations of Gardeners:

In addition to paying the rental fee for an individual plot, gardeners are joining a community of gardeners and are expected to join the listserv for their garden. As part of that Community, gardeners are expected to observe the rules governing the garden and be active participants in the community. They will participate in community work days and keep the communal areas of the garden weeded and chipped. Gardeners also perform a variety of community garden maintenance tasks as directed by the Parks Volunteer Garden Liaisons in each garden. Each gardener is expected to contribute 8 service hours annually.

Gardening Resources and Information:

Whether you are a newcomer to gardening or an experienced gardener, there are resources available to answer questions, introduce you to new gardening techniques, and much more. The University of Maryland Extension offers a wide variety of services to Community Gardeners. The program called Grow It Eat It (GIEI) has a website devoted to food gardening that can provide information about the best crops to plant in our area and when to plant them, common vegetable pests and how to control them organically, advice about improving your soil, and much more. GIEI sponsors vegetable gardening classes and other education events to learn more please email for more details.

Here is a short video about the Montgomery Parks Community Gardens. Check it out!

Plot Renewal Information

Returning gardeners (those who had a community garden plot in 2014) may apply to renew their existing plots from December 1, 2014 through January 15, 2015. If a renewal application is not received by the closing date, the current plot holder will lose the plot/s and those plots will became available for rental to new gardeners. Please note you will receive a new park permit and number IF you have successsfully renewed your plot. If you do not receive this paperwork by January 15, 2015, you have not renewed your plot. If you have not received a new permit and number, please contact contact Park Permits at or

To apply, please submit a completed application form by mail, in person, by fax, or by e-mail. Application Form and More Info. Online applications to renew plots are NOT available.

All plot holders must agree to the 2015 garden rules known as Community Gardens Conditions of Use. This link will take you to the 2015 Conditions of Use. Please review these garden rules carefully. All gardeners are expected to know these rules and follow them. Failure to follow the rules set out in the Conditions of Use will result in the loss of your plot and rental fee. Failure to read the Conditions of Use is not an acceptable excuse for not following the rules.

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New Application Information

New applications for plots will be accepted beginning February 2, 2015 for all available plots. No applications will be processed prior to that date.

New users can apply for available plots beginning February 2, 2015. In order to rent a plot, you must be a resident of Montgomery County and obtain a FREE ParkPASS Account. To provide gardening opportunities for more people, garden plots will be limited to one-person-one-plot. Each new applicant may rent only one plot. For information on how to create a Park Pass or how to rent a plot, please click on the links below:

To apply, please submit a completed application form by mail, in person, by fax, by e-mail or online. Follow this link to obtain the numbers and addresses, More Info

The rules for having a plot in Montgomery Parks Community Gardens are found in the Conditions of Use document. These rules are part of the agreement you sign when you rent your plot. Please review them carefully because gardeners are required to know and follow these rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in the loss of the plot and the rental fee. Go to the this link to review the garden rules.

When you rent a plot, all gardeners agree to abide by the 2015 Community Gardens Conditions of Use.

Application Document and Contact Info

To apply, please submit a completed application form in one of the following ways:

  • Apply Online at NOTE: the online option is ONLY for open enrollment and does not apply to historic plot renewal. See online booking instructions below.
  • In Person: stop by our Park Permit Office at 9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring, MD. 20901 Operating hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm)
  • By Mail to the address above
  • By Fax to 301-495-2484
  • E-mail a scanned copy to Please include Community Gardens in the Subject Line.

All plot holders must agree to the 2015 Community Gardens Conditions of Use. Please note that gardeners must abide by these rules in order to be a Community Gardener in good standing. The revised garden rules will be published by early December.

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Current Community Gardens Locations

Please note that all plot measurements are approximate. There will be slight variations from plot to plot and from garden to garden. Click on the garden name in green to see a map of the plots.

  • Bradley Park Community Garden This garden is full for 2015. Please go to the Announcements section to learn how to be placed on the waiting list.
    8701 Hartsdale Ave., Bethesda Maryland 20817
    This garden offers 21 plots which are approximately 200 square feet each.
    Water and deer fencing are available.
  • Briggs Chaney Community Garden
    2161 Briggs Chaney Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20905
    Offers 118 plots. Most plots are 625 square feet. A few smaller plots are available.
    Water, deer fencing, and seating are available.
  • Gaynor Road Community Garden
    4601 Gaynor Road, Rockville, MD 20852
    Offers 27 plots. 4 plots are 300 square feet. The other 23 plots are 400 square feet.
    Water and deer fencing are available.
  • Fenton Street Local Park
    7904 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    Offers 42 plots. Plots are either 200 or 400 square feet.
    Water and deer fencing are available.
  • King Street Park
    7980 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    Offers 27 plots. Each plot is 200 square feet.
    Water and deer fencing are available.
  • Long Branch Community Recreation Center
    8700 Piney Branch Rd Silver Spring MD 20901
    The garden is located on the upper field behind the Piney Branch Community Recreation Center. Offers 16 plots. All plots are 200 square feet.
    Water and Deer Fencing are available.
  • Maple Avenue
    7620 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
    The  garden is not on park land. It runs along Maple Ave in Takoma Park and is an above ground container garden on an apartment parking lot.  Each container is 2 ft x 6 ft and has a water reserve so they are self-wicking.  Container water reserves are filled 3 times a year by park staff.
  • Parklawn Community Garden
    12718 Viers Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 20853
    Offers 40 plots. Each plot is 400 square feet.
    Water, fencing, shelter and playground are available.
  • Rocking Horse Center
    4920 Macon Rd, Rockville MD 20852
    This garden is not on Park land, but on a MCPS property. Offers 60 plots as a partnership between MCPS and Parks. Each plot is either 200 or 400 square feet.
    Water, seating and deer fencing are available.
  • Sligo Mill Overlook Community Garden New Applications

    PLEASE NOTE: Plots 26-33 are only available for use until November 15, 2015. A proposed playground may be located in the area of the Community Garden currently occupied by plots 26 thru 33. Members of the garden will be kept informed as more details are available.

  • South Germantown Recreational Park
    18041 Central Park Circle, Boyds MD 20841
    Offers 72 plots. There are 50 plots at 400 square feet each and 22 plots at 200 square feet each. Water and deer fencing are available.

For further information about the program, guidelines and locations, please contact Patricia Lynch at For information about booking a plot please contact ParkPASS below.

Conditions of Use

All plot holders must agree to abide by the 2015 Conditions of Use. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of the plot and rental fee. The Conditions are listed below and you may wish to print a copy here.

M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks Conditions of Use
for Community Gardens 2015

Administrative Rules

1. M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks plots are rented “as is” (current condition). Montgomery Parks does not perform annual tilling.

2. Plots are not transferable, and fees will not be refunded or pro-rated. Plots that are given up or are revoked for cause will be returned to Parks for re-assignment.

3. Gardeners must maintain a current email address and phone number on file with Parks. Contact changes should be sent to the Community Garden Coordinator,

4. To receive important information and updates, gardeners are expected to become members of the Yahoo electronic list specific to the garden where they rent a plot. If gardeners do not have an email address, they must make arrangements to check the website on a regular basis. Your garden specific Yahoo list address will be sent with the confirmation of the plot rental and will include directions for joining the list.

Gardening Rules

5. All gardens are subject to regular inspections. Failure to abide by any of the rules set out in the Conditions of Use will result in the loss of your plot. If a garden plot is not in compliance with the Conditions of Use, notifications will be sent by email. A follow-up inspection will be performed 2 weeks after the email notice. If the plot is still not in compliance, it will be revoked and returned to Parks for re-assignment. All fees will be forfeited.

6. Gardeners are required to help with community garden chores by contributing 8 hours of Community Garden service each year. Chores that meet the requirement include community work days, filling the water tanks, weeding and chipping common areas, fence lines, and paths, keeping the garden trash-free, organizing garden events, etc. Garden Liaisons are authorized to identify tasks that meet the service hour requirement. Please consult them to learn how you can help maintain the garden and meet the service requirement.

7. Wood chips provided by Parks will be delivered to each garden. Volunteer garden liaisons will request supplies on behalf of the community gardens. Compost is provided by Parks when it is available, and is not a regular service of the program.

8. Gardeners are required to work in their plots at least once every week. Each gardener is responsible for weeding, cultivating, and watering, and must arrange for someone to maintain the garden plot if they are away or are not able to perform maintenance tasks every week.

9. By April 1, gardeners must begin work on their plots including weeding, soil amendment, and cultivation. By June 1, gardeners must have planted seeds, seedlings, or transplants in their plots. By November 15, gardeners must remove dead plants and summer garden debris from plots.

10. Organic practices are required in all parts of the community garden. Garden pests and plant diseases can be especially serious in the community garden. Only organic methods such as handpicking bugs, using row covers, and applying pesticides labeled as OMRI-listed or organic can be used in the community garden. The garden liaison volunteer(s) in each garden, or the Community Garden Coordinator can help you locate information about controlling pests, and treating and/or removing diseased plants.

11. To reduce weeds and pests, improve the soil, and maintain the garden’s appearance, mulch is strongly recommended. Gardeners are encouraged to use materials such as aged compost, composted manure, leaves, straw, burlap, weed cloth, layers of newspaper, or plastic (away from lawn areas) to protect the soil and reduce weeds. Carpet, stone, and sod mulch are not allowed.

12. Gardeners are encouraged to plant fall and winter crops if they wish. If not, they should take steps to protect the soil by planting cover crops or covering their plots with barriers to reduce winter weeds. Acceptable barriers include: newspaper (non-shiny parts) covered with mulch/ compost, burlap bags, weed cloth, plastic covering or tarps.

13. Invasive plants are not allowed in the garden. Information about invasive plants in Maryland can be found at Aggressive plants like mint, lemon balm, and similar plants must be grown in above ground containers, and must not be allowed to establish themselves in the ground.

14. Tall plants such as corn, sunflowers, and Jerusalem artichokes should only be planted in areas of your plot that will not shade neighboring plots. Plants that do not meet this standard will be removed.

15. If application of chemicals is necessary in or around the garden, Montgomery Parks is responsible for notifying gardeners at least 48 hours in advance. Chemicals will be applied in accordance with Maryland Department of Agriculture guidelines by certified/registered applicators and, for health and safety reasons, may result in the temporary closure of the entire garden.

16. Water conservation must be practiced at all times. Please concentrate on watering roots rather than other parts of the plants. Gardeners must be present when watering. Do NOT leave water running unattended. Watering by hose connection to the water tanks is limited to 15 minutes at a time, especially when others are waiting to water.

17. Open containers of water are not allowed for health-related reasons. If you wish to store water in your plot, containers must be kept covered and sealed tightly.

Fencing, Stakes, and Structure Rules

18. Plot markers must be upright and visible at all times. Gardeners shall not relocate any plot markers. Plot markers are not to be used as fencing material, plant structures, or watering can holders. Please remember all plot sizes are approximate and variation in size and shape from plot to plot within each garden is normal. Encroachment into paths or other garden plots is not permitted.

19. No structures of any kind may be built without written approval by Montgomery Parks. The deer fence may not be used as a trellis or plant support, and should be kept free of weeds. Plants attached to the deer fence should be removed immediately. Structure requests should be directed the Garden Coordinator,

20. Fences up to 3 feet high may be installed in your garden inside the plot boundaries. The materials must be neutral in color (black, grey, green, silver are okay, red, yellow, orange are not), and must not create tripping or other safety hazards. They must be kept weeded at all times. Parks reserves the right to remove fences that are unsightly or negatively affect gardeners or other plots. Removal will be at the gardener’s expense. Requests for higher fences should be sent to the Community Garden Coordinator, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Getting Along and Courtesy in the Gardens

21. Pets are not allowed within the community garden fence.

22. Littering and dumping are forbidden. Community Gardens are trash free, carry-in and carry-out facilities. Only plant waste is allowed in the garden debris areas. No burlap, plastic, or paper materials are allowed in the debris pile. All trash must be removed from the site and disposed of by the members of the garden.

23. Gardeners are not allowed to trap animals (ground hogs, raccoons, rabbits, etc.) in the Community Gardens at any time.

24. All personal tools, wheelbarrows, and hoses should be marked with the plot number and the plot holders initials. Gardeners are not permitted to borrow or move tools, wheel barrows, etc. without permission of the owner. Gardeners should not enter others' plots without specific permission. All borrowed items must be returned in the same condition as borrowed or be replaced.

25. Children are welcome in the garden, but must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

26. The community gardens are alcohol and smoke-free areas. Loud radios and/or music are not allowed.

27. All general parks rules apply to the Community Gardens, see

28. Conditions of Use and Garden Rules are subject to annual review and revision.

pdf copy for printing(152KB)

Revised:  December 29, 2014



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