Park Rental House Program

Interested in renting a residential house located on Park property? M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks operates a rental house program featuring 36 residential houses offered on a first-come, first served basis. Our park rental houses are in good condition and will be available for rent until the property on which they sit is developed or renovated to provide the public with park-related activities, amenities or programs.

Park rental houses are publicized regularly through the M-NCPPC Employee Update, the M-NCPPC Employee Portal Insite and to Montgomery County government employees. Occasionally units are advertised through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Priority for tenant selection is given to:

  1. M-NCPPC employees,
  2. Montgomery County government employees with emphasis on Fire and Rescue, Police, and Montgomery County Public Schools, and then
  3. The general public.

All vacant rental properties will be posted on this page as soon as they become available. If there are no available listings, please continue to check this site for updates.