Rock Creek Hills Local Park images

Rock Creek Hills Local Park

3701 Saul Road
Kensington, MD 20895

This park contains a playground, two soccer fields, and two tennis courts. Bring your lunch to enjoy the park's picnic area. This 13.4-acre park was acquired by M-NCPPC in 1990.
NOTE: This park is in two parcels — the recreation opportunities are located at the parcel on Saul Road. The second parcel is located between the Capital Beltway and Campbell Drive and is an undeveloped woodland.

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Rock Creek Hills Local Park Map

P = Playground
BB/SB = Baseball Field
B = Basketball
SOC = Soccer Field
UP = Urban Park
RP = Regional Park

Subject Park = Solid Line
G = Gazebo
VP = Volleyball
HB = Handball

Trails = Trail symbol
NP = Neighborhood Park
NCA = Neighborhood Conservation Park

Parking = Parking symbol
RC = Rec Center
T = Tennis
FB = Football Field
HOC = Hockey Field
LP = Local Park
SVU/SVP = Stream Valley Park
Surrounding Parks = Arrow

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