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Maydale Conservation Park

1638 Maydale Dr.
Colesville, MD 20905

Maydale Conservation Park is a conservation area dedicated to environmental preservation. The park is undeveloped but provides opportunities for quiet enjoyment of the natural environment. The more than 24 acres of Maydale Conservation Park is home to the Maydale Nature Center (operated by Montgomery County Public Schools), two ponds, and children's development center. The public is welcome to enjoy the natural beauty of the property, including walking along its network of trails. The park was acquired by M-NCPPC in 1971.

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Maydale Conservation Park Community Meeting
Wednesday, June 10, 2015- A community meeting will be held to begin the process of formulating a community-based vision for the future programming at Maydale Conservation Park.  The first of a series of meetings will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 7pm at the Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center, 3300 Briggs Chaney Road in Silver Spring, Maryland 20904. The Maydale Conservation Park housed programs focused on offering young children the opportunity to learn about nature and the environment. The Nature Center building served as an orientation and instructional space until severe budgetary constraints discontinued programming and closed the building in 2008. There has been renewed interest in restoring nature-centered programming and the Department of Parks wants to obtain community input to help formulate a vision for the future use of the park. For more details please call Montgomery Parks at 301-495-2595. (5/20/2015)


Maydale Conservation Park Map

P = Playground
BB/SB = Baseball Field
B = Basketball
SOC = Soccer Field
UP = Urban Park
RP = Regional Park

Subject Park = Solid Line
G = Gazebo
VP = Volleyball
HB = Handball

Trails = Trail symbol
NP = Neighborhood Park
NCA = Neighborhood Conservation Park

Parking = Parking symbol
RC = Rec Center
T = Tennis
FB = Football Field
HOC = Hockey Field
LP = Local Park
SVU/SVP = Stream Valley Park
Surrounding Parks = Arrow

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