Locust Grove Nature Center

Locust Grove Nature Center provides a natural sanctuary from the surrounding urban bustle. While designated the outreach center for area schools, Locust Grove continues to offer quality public programs for all ages. These include specialty Nature Immersion school programs, programs for tots/pre-K, campfire nature walks, and special events to name a few. You’re also welcome to come and wander our trails, enjoy our observation deck, explore our exhibits indoors and out, or discover the wonder of the Center’s natural playground.

On a November day, the week after we turned our clocks back one hour, my mood was out of synch with the magnificent weather. Inside, I was feeling the mercurial emotions of an empty nester while outside, the weather was beautiful and tranquil. Looking out the window at a brilliant blue sky, I knew there was little I could do to get me out of my funk other than a change of scenery. I needed to go Take a Hike…

—

Last Updated: October 10, 2016