Cabin John Regional Park

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  • Managed Turf
    Managed Turf

Cabin John Regional Park offers something for every sports lover and is situated just minutes north of Washington. Recreational options include summer ball games on the various athletic fields, tennis on both indoor and outdoor courts, Tai Chi, and even ice skating in the summer at the fully enclosed Cabin John Ice Rink.

Visitors can also connect with nature through a variety of environmental nature programs, become entranced by a ride on the model train, or spend the afternoon relaxing with family and friends at various picnic and playground areas. One of the special attractions for children is the Adventure Playground. Don’t miss the totem pole!

If an afternoon isn’t enough, spend the night enjoying the natural beauty of the park at one of seven walk-in campgrounds. And with over five miles of hiking and biking trails, there is plenty of scenery to explore.

Picnickers have a variety of opportunities at Cabin John. The group picnic area features 11 shelters, each with six picnic tables and a large double grill. Be sure to get a permit first!


Last Updated: October 12, 2016