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School of Botanical Art and Illustration

Botanical Art Classes for Everyone

Step out of the everyday....

Become absorbed in drawing and painting the natural beauty of plants. Learn how to draw and paint.

Course Calendar

The new Xperience is here! Registration for spring & summer programs opens August 14th for residents of Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties and August 15th for all others. Be sure to investigate and register for classes starting in September. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from experienced artists and network with other students. Enjoy the small class size and the beautiful garden setting for inspiration. Encourage your fellow artists to register with you. Each class needs a minimum of 5 registrants to run.

Upcoming SBAI classes

Have you signed up for a class? Look for materials to bring in one of the following lists:
Required Class Materials - Fall & Winter 2014/2015

Check the calendar below for detailed program and event information by date. Register for our botanical art and illustration classes online through ParkPASS or by calling 301-962-1451. The calendar is interactive so that you can modify the view to your preference by clicking the tabs at the top right, but in order to register online for any of the programs or events listed, you must visit ParkPASS. If you don't already have a ParkPASS account, visit the sign in page to create one.


Want to learn more?

The Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration (SBAI) is located at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD. Botanical art class offerings are listed in the current issue of the Xperience Guide to Programs and Events. For more information, contact Laura Vogel at 301-962-1470.

Subscribe to the Brookside Gardens E-Newsletter to recieve notice when Xperience Guide to Programs and Events is published, along with other Garden news and updates. To receive the SBAI E-Newsletter, check the box to indicate your interest in the School of Botanical Art and Illustration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For information on individual classes, browse programs online at:
ParkPass, School of Botanical Art.

Congratulations to our 2013 Certificate Recipients!

Congratulations to Kelly Mills Sverduk and Kathy Lutter, this year’s recipients of the prestigious Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art& Illustration Certificate. The certificate course requires course credit for core curriculum classes, electives and workshops and culminates in the compilation of a final portfolio that includes a selection of practical assignments, (submitted earlier for regular evaluation over a period of two calendar years), and a Certificate Project – begun in a student’s third year that includes an artist statement and description of their creative process. Many thanks to Susan Fisher, Leonie Norton and Alice Tangerini for assessing their final projects. You can view their portfolios, which were submitted to our three external examiners, on the walls of our Online Gallery. Sign our Guestbook while you’re there to leave some congratulatory remarks for Kelly and Kathy.

Sites of Interest

If you are interested in learning more about the field of botanical artistry or botanical art classes in your area, visit the other websites listed below:

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