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Trees Matter Symposium

Early bird pricing ($55) available until October 7th. To register click here. Course number: 8955

The fourth annual Trees Matter Symposium focuses on the health and welfare of trees in our increasingly developed landscapes. Learn from some of the country’s leading experts about innovative efforts to plant, protect and preserve trees in urban and suburban settings.
Trees provide many benefits: they cleanse and cool our air, stabilize our soils, provide wildlife habitat and beautify our urban and suburban areas. We encourage all arborists, landscape industry and environmental/green industry professionals, engineers, designers, housing developers and interested citizens to take advantage of this opportunity to learn new techniques and concepts on what can be done to ensure the survival of trees in our built environment.

Approved for continuing education credits for members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and Sociey of American Foresters (SAF).

Featured Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Michael Dirr
Dr. Michael Dirr

Dr. Michael Dirr is a horticulturist, professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia, and author of many acclaimed books including the Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.

Part 1: “In Praise of Noble Trees”
Rationales for tree planting beyond simply aesthetics including property value enhancement, CO2 sequestration (fixation), storm water mitigation, particulate matter interception, shade (cooling) and more contribute economic value and quality of life. Dr. Dirr will identify what makes each of these trees deserve the title of "Noble" and why he encourages the continued planting of each tree on his list.

Part 2: “The Origin/Development of Tree Cultivars: Reflections on the Best of the Old and A View to the New”
Proper tree selection is paramount to long term success when coupled with professional maintenance. Numerous trees, shade and ornamental, that have been introduced in the past 20 years. From Acer to Zelkova, the palette of outstanding trees is greater than at any time in history. This presentation presents those with the genetics to prosper from Maine, Minnesota, Utah, Oregon, into the southeast.

Dr. Kelby Fite
Dr. Kelby Fite

Dr. Kelby Fite is an arboriculture researcher with Bartlett Research Laboratories.

“The Landscape Below Ground”
Soils are a critical component to the success of urban tree establishment and health. Root development and function hinges upon the quality of the growing environment below ground. The problem is that it is hard to research many of the below ground responses to soild and root treatments. This presentation will focus on what is known about root and soil interacations, engineered soil effects on tree performance, and new treatments such as biochar.

Dr. Chris Luley
Dr. Chris Luley

Dr. Chris Luley, vice president of Urban Forestry LLC., and author of many acclaimed books including Wood Decay Fungi.

“Ecology of Decay Fungi and Implications in Decay Assessment”
There is significant variation in how decay fungi attack urban trees, ranging from those fungi that are restricted to heartwood, or sapwood that has been damaged by other agents, to moderately aggressive pathogens that can kill bark, cambium and sapwood as well as decay wood. The type of decay attack occurring in a tree significantly affects the progression of decay. Therefore, an understanding by arborists evaluating trees with decay on how decay fungi interact with their host is critical to determining failure potential from decay. This presentation will explore these interactions along with indentification of the common decay fungi that represent different types of host pathogen interactions. It will also look at how these interactions affect decay evaluation and the influence of urban environments on decay fungi frequency and ecology.

Holly Shimizu
Holly Shimizu

Holly Shimizu is a horticulturist, former executive director of the U.S. Botanic Garden, and correspondent for PBS’ The Victory Garden.

“King of the Forest”
Whether in our gardens or in nature, trees are powerhouses. What they accomplish as food factories, as cleaners of the air and water, as shade makers, stabilizers - it is all somewhat miraculous when you really look at it. And the stories they could tell of how their lives have changed and how our perceptions of them have expanded - this presentation will look at the profound role of trees in our lives.

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunites:

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Thomas Berry
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