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Vision, Mission, Values


An enjoyable, accessible, safe and green park system that promotes a strong sense of community through shared spaces and experiences and is treasured by the people it serves.


Protect and interpret our valuable natural and cultural resources; balance the demand for recreation with the need for conservation; offer a variety of enjoyable recreational activities that encourage healthy lifestyles; and provide clean, safe, and accessible places for leisure-time activities.


Stewardship: Manage the county park system so it best meets the needs of current and future generations.

Recreation: Offer a range of leisure activities that strengthen the body, sharpen the mind, and renew the spirit.

Excellence: Deliver the highest quality product, service and experience possible.

Integrity: Operate with an objective, honest, and balanced perspective.

Service: Be courteous, helpful and accessible to each other and the public we serve.

Education: Promote opportunities for continuous learning among staff and the public we serve.

Collaboration: Work in cooperation with all stakeholders including residents, communities, public and private organizations, and policymakers, as well as interdepartmentally.

Diversity: Support and embrace the differences among our employees and the public we serve, and offer suitable programs, activities and services.

Dedication: Commit to getting the job done the right way, no matter what it takes.