Planning & Stewardship

The Park Planning & Stewardship Division works to support the Vision, Mission and Values of the Department of Parks to achieve the right balance recreation and stewardship through a comprehensive park and trail planning program that is closely aligned with management and protection of our county’s best natural and cultural resources on parkland.

  • Division Chief: John Hench
  • Phone: 301-650-4370
  • Fax: 301-650-4379
  • Main Office:
    9500 Brunett Avenue
    Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Cultural Resources Stewardship Section

The Cultural Resources Section provides the following work on a long-term, ongoing basis:

  • Inventory and Assessment
    Conduct inventory and evaluation of structures and archaeological resources on parkland, including writing Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) and National Register (NR) forms.
  • Planning and Analysis
    Analyze park-based structures for significance, use, and priority. Work includes : Operation and Use Plans, Historic Structures Report (HSR), Cultural Landscapes Report (CLR), Feasibility Studies, Architectural and Engineering Studies/Specifications.
  • Preservation and Treatment
    Determine the appropriate treatment for protecting and restoring resources. Such treatments may include Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)/Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) documentation, stabilization, restoration, rehabilitation, or, occasionally, reconstruction.
  • Landmark Designation
    Some of the properties in the Cultural Resources Stewardship inventory are landmarked in some way: the Locational Atlas and Inventory of Historic Sites (limited protection), the Master Plan for Historic Preservation (full local protection) and/or the National Register of Historic Places (protection from adverse state and/or federal action). For more information on historic preservation protections, see HP website and MHT website.


Cultural Resources Stewardship
Parkside Headquarters, 9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Contract Opportunities
Julie Mueller| 301-650-4390 | Julie.Mueller@montgomeryparks.org

Historic Inquiries
Jamie Kuhns| 301-650-4362 | Jamie.Kuhns@montgomeryparks.org

History in the Parks
Parkside Headquarters, 9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Museum Manager
Shirl Spicer | 301-650-4384 | Shirl.Spicer@montgomeryparks.org

Group Tours & Public Programs Assistant
Lisa MacLeman | 301-650-4373 |Lisa.MacLeman@montgomeryparks.org

Agricultural History Farm Park
18400 Muncaster Road, Derwood MD 20855
Manager of Interpretation and Visitor Services – Lisa Berray | 301-467-8273 | Lisa.Berray@montgomeryparks.org

Woodlawn Visitor Center
Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park
16501 Norwood Road, Sandy Spring, MD 20860
Facility Manager – Jennifer Legates | 301-563-7515 | Jennifer.Legates@montgomeryparks.org
Program Manager – Mark Thorne | 301-563-7505 | Mark.Thorne@montgomeryparks.org

Archaeology Program
Needwood Mansion, 6700 Needwood Road, Derwood, Maryland 20855 | 301-563-7530 (main line)

Heather Bouslog, Senior Archaeologist – Camp Director and Volunteer Coordinator, Public Education, and General Inquiries
301-563-7531 | Heather.Bouslog@montgomeryparks.org

Cassandra Michaud, , Senior Archaeologist, RPA – Park Development, Regulatory Review, Technical Assistance, and General Inquiries
301-563-7532 | Cassandra.Michaud@montgomeryparks.org

Legacy Open Space Program

Legacy Open Space is Montgomery County’s bold initiative to preserve the distinctive resources that set the County apart and enhance its appeal as a quality place to, live, visit, work and invest. Learn More


Legacy Open Space
Parkside Headquarters
9500 Brunett Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Brenda Sandberg 301-650-4360

Dom Quattrochi 301-650-4361

Natural Resources Stewardship

The Natural Resources Stewardship Section of the Park Planning and Stewardship Division has a primary responsibility for protecting the natural environment within the park system. It is our goal to inventory, protect, manage and enhance natural resources on Montgomery County Parklands to provide a healthy and diverse environment for the enjoyment of park patrons and future generations.

The Natural Resources Stewardship Section also provides consultations to park region, engineering, design and planning staffs, and to citizens and other agencies and departments regarding natural resource management and environmental issues. This work includes coordination of park-wide National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), review of all Park Trail and Development Review Plans for natural resource impacts and the development of Natural Resources Management Plans.


Parks Natural Resources
12535 Milestone Manor Lane, Germantown, MD 20876 | fax 301-540-7803

Wildlife Management: ParksDeerManagement.org
Main Email: MCP-DeerManagement@montgomeryparks.org

Bill Hamilton 301-962-1342

Ryan Butler, Deer Management 301-962-1344

Vegetation Management & Weed Warriors
Carole Bergmann 301-962-1348

Weed Warriors: WeedWarrior.org
Main Email: MCP-weedwarriors@montgomeryparks.org

Park Planning

The Park Planning Section creates and updates park master plans. These plans define the future of the park system. Park plans recommend additions and renovations to the park system to provide recreation opportunities, protect significant environmental resources, preserve key cultural resources (i.e., archaeological and historical sites) and promote an interconnected countywide trail system. Read More


Park Planning
Parkside Headquarters
9500 Brunett Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Brooke Farquhar, Supevisor 301-650-4388

Rachel Newhouse, Sr. Planner 301-650-4368

Trail Planning, Implementation & Maintenance


Trail Planning
Parkside Headquarters
9500 Brunett Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Trail Planning
Charles Kines 301-495-2184

Natural Surface Trail Building & Maintenance
Bob Turnbull

Trail Volunteer Coordinator
Jim Corcoran 301-650-4395

Resource Analysis

he Resource Analysis Section staff plans and coordinates inter-agency and volunteer efforts for the inventory and monitoring of aquatic macro-invertebrates, fish and aquatic habitats in County Park streams, ponds and lakes in support of the Countywide Stream Protection Strategy, Watershed Restorations Plans, Area and Park Master Plans, Operation & Use Plans and special projects. Staff coordinates with Federal, State and local agencies on intra-agency watershed restoration efforts affecting County parkland, as well as the retrofit and maintenance of stormwater facilities on parkland.

The Resource Analysis Section also provides GIS capability to create, store, retrieve and analyze, accurate, up-to-date GIS data on natural and cultural resources in parks. Sensitive areas are mapped for all park projects during the earliest stages of the planning and development process. GIS mapping efforts facilitate maintenance, management and public safety efforts performed by staff in various Divisions in Montgomery County Parks. The GIS-based work effort also contributes important data to assess agricultural lease agreements and limits of these lease boundaries.


Resource Analysis
Parkside Headquarters
9500 Brunett Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Jai Cole 301-650-4366

Last Updated: November 1, 2016