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Need a contact? We employ a wide range of professionals with expertise in parks-related topics ranging from natural resources to archaeology to equine resources and more.

Park’s Subject Matter Experts:

Archaeology Contact:

  • Heather Bouslog, Archaeologist
    6700 Needwood Road, Rockville
    Phone: 301-840-5848
    Heather can speak to archaeology programs and opportunities in the parks.

Historic/Cultural Resources Contact:

  • Shirl Spicer, Museum Manager
    9500 Brunett Ave., Silver Spring
    Phone: 301-650-4373
    Shirl can speak about the historic sites and cultural resources within the parks system and volunteer opportunities at Oakley Cabin, Underground Railroad Experience Trail, Josiah Henson Park and the Bussard Farm House at the Agricultural History Farm Park.

Natural Resources Contacts:

  • Carole Bergmann, Forest Ecologist
    12535 Milestone Manor Lane, Germantown
    Phone: 301-962-1348
    Carole can speak about non-native invasive species control in the parks and the department’s volunteer program, Weed Warriors.
  • Bill Hamilton, Wildlife Ecologist
    12535 Milestone Manor Lane, Germantown
    Phone: 301-962-1342
    Bill can talk about deer population control and the department’s deer management program, including managed deer hunts.
  • Matt Harper, Principal Natural Resources Specialist
    9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring
    Phone: 301-650-4383
    Matt can speak about the health and water quality of park streams, ponds and lakes. He can also adress questions related to stream restoration projects taking place on parkland.

Parks Volunteers Contacts:

  • Jayne Hench, Volunteer Services Coordinator
    9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring
    Phone: 301-495-2504
    Jayne can speak to the thousands of hours and invaluable contributions park volunteers make annually toward the upkeep of our parks. Each year over 5,000 individuals and more than 400 groups donate more than 60,000 hours of volunteer service to Montgomery Parks.
  • Lynn Vismara, Group Volunteer Coordinator
    9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring
    Phone: 301-495-2504
    Lynn can talk about volunteer opportunities in the parks.
  • Jared Ashling, Brookside Gardens Volunteer Coordinator
    1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton
    Phone: 301-962-1432
    Jared can speak about volunteer opportunities at Brookside Gardens.

Partnerships & Donations Contact:

  • David Tobin, Manager of  Public-Private Partnerships
    9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring
    Phone: 301-495-2478
    David cancan talk about the department’s public/private partnerships policies and projects and speak to the Department’s equestrian facilities – Callithea Farm Park, Meadowbrook Riding Stables, Potomac Horse Center, Rickman Farm Horse Park, Wheaton Regional Park Riding Stables and Woodstock Equestrian Park – and the management of these park facilities.
Last Updated: November 2, 2016