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Department of Parks headquarters

About the Department of Parks

Under the direction of Michael F. Riley, Director of Parks, M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks, remains dedicated to making sure that residents continue to receive the best park experience possible, whether it’s a picnic at Black Hill Regional Park, an ice-skating lesson at one of our two rinks, or a visit to our Garden of Lights show at Brookside Gardens. We recognize the importance of providing residents with safe and accessible places to gather, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in healthy, recreational activities.

Our park system now includes more than 400 parks on over 34,000 acres of parkland. Park facilities and amenities include more than 500 lakes, ponds and stormwater management facilities and devices, 457 miles of streams, 305 tennis courts, 296 athletic fields, 289 playgrounds, 208 basketball courts, 189 miles of paved and natural surface trails, 114 picnic areas, 110 historic structures, 102 campsites, and 31 park activity buildings, as well as nature centers, miniature trains, indoor tennis facilities, boat rental facilities, indoor and open air ice rinks, event centers, public gardens, and more.

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Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC ADA Statement

In compliance with the intent and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC, is committed to making all reasonable efforts to ensure that our facilities, programs and services are accessible to and useable by all people including those with disabilities.