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Legacy Open Space (LOS) Program

A Partnership for Open Space Conservation

Legacy Open Space is Montgomery County's bold initiative to preserve the distinctive resources that set the County apart and enhance its appeal as a quality place to, live, visit, work and invest.

The first comprehensive plan of its kind, Legacy Open Space creates a $100 million, 10 year commitment of public and private dollars, and provides a visionary framework for the stragetic protection of irreplaceable unprotected open space, watershed lands, and historic properties by the purchase of land or easements.

Legacy Open Space will:

  • Safeguard more than 3,600 acres of exemplary and diverse natural resources.
  • Protect some 5,000 acres critical to the our surface water supply in the Patuxent River watershed and key parcels bounding reservoir.
  • Launch a heritage revitalization initiative to protect and interpret our rich array of historic places.
  • Develop market-based incentives to protect 1,500 acres of "at-risk" farmland and rural open spaces in the 93,000 acre Agricultural Reserve.
  • Connect a 100 mile ribbon of green natural surface trail corridor from the Potomac River to the Northwest Branch.
  • Green urban communities by creating "green boulevards" and neighborhood parks.
  • Plan proactively for a new regional park to serve growing mid-county communities.
  • Involve school, businesses, individuals, and communities in action initiatives focused on interpreting and managing these diverse resources.

Legacy Open Space is a creative and visionary response to the growing concern that open space is linked to quality of life. Voters across the country have expressed strong support for the protection of farmland, water quality, trails, sensitive natural area, and scenic open space. These open space resources not only provide a quality of life and community character, but support economic well-being as well.

Montgomery County is dedicated to attracting and maintaining a highly skilled workforce, and knows that in order to do so, it must make a serious commitment to safeguarding our natural resources, open spaces, and recreational lands.

Legacy Open Space is a promise to the workers and citizens of Montgomery County that the County's rich heritage and extraordinary quality of life will be protected for their children and future generations.

Last update: July 29, 2016