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Park Planning & Stewardship Division


The Park Planning & Stewardship Division works to support the Vision, Mission and Values of the Department of Parks to achieve the right balance recreation and stewardship through a comprehensive park and trail planning program that is closely aligned with management and protection of our county’s best natural and cultural resources on parkland.

Our Division includes the following Sections:

Public Meetings & Planning Board Dates

News & Events

  • Please give us your opinion.Solar Farms Initiative
    The Planning Board approved this initiative to build a 5-10 acre solar farm in South Germantown Recreational Park and Rock Creek Regional Park.
  • Urban Parks Guidelines
    Staff is working on the second phase of the Guidelines. Tell us what you think about this planning tool.
  • Countywide Park Trails Plan Amendment - We want to hear your ideas on how to make the plan easier to implement and more sustainable
  • Kensington Historic Buildings
    Parks is investigating options to activate and enhance three of Kensington's historic buildings, Warner Circle, Kensington Cabin and the Noyes Library for Children.
  • History in the Parks Events 2015 - Historic programs are on break for the winter. Check out what's coming this spring!
  • Ovid Hazen Wells Recreational Park Master Plan Update
    This plan has been approved and the final document will be posted soon.
  • Deer Management - New deer management efforts will be conducted in Martin Luther King Jr. Rec. Park and portions of the Paint Branch Stream Valley along with efforts at Red Door Store Historical Cultural Park
  • Trail Volunteer Workdays - Helping hands are always needed and appreciated
  • Save the Forest! - Just one hour of your time can make a big difference. Check out our Weed Warrior program today
  • Stormwater Pollution in Parks - Controlling stormwater pollution is key to ensuring a healthy environment for park patrons as well as for the fish and wildlife that live in our parks
  • ICC Environmental Stewardship Projects in M-NCPPC Parks - Many of the State Highway Administration (SHA) Intercounty Connector (ICC) Environmental Stewardship and Compensatory Mitigation projects will take place in M-NCPPC parklands
  • Wild Montgomery - Enjoy and explore Montgomery County’s beautiful wild places! Check out our list of "Green Getaways" for some of the best natural sites in the county
  • Lyme Disease Awareness - Be ready to hike!
  • Vision Montgomery 2030 - Planning for both parks and recreation for the next 20 years
  • Give the Gift of Green! - Donations & gifts to save our forests

Park Plans in Progress

  • Visit our Park Planning Section to find out more about the current park plans in progress and the approved Park and Trail Plans available online.
  • After a park plan has been approved by the Planning Board, the Park Development Division manages the construction of new parks.

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Resource Analysis Section

The Resource Analysis Section staff plans and coordinates inter-agency and volunteer efforts for the inventory and monitoring of aquatic macro-invertebrates, fish and aquatic habitats in County Park streams, ponds and lakes in support of the Countywide Stream Protection Strategy, Watershed Restorations Plans, Area and Park Master Plans, Operation & Use Plans and special projects. Staff coordinates with Federal, State and local agencies on intra-agency watershed restoration efforts affecting County parkland, as well as the retrofit and maintenance of stormwater facilities on parkland.

The Resource Analysis Section also provides GIS capability to create, store, retrieve and analyze, accurate, up-to-date GIS data on natural and cultrual resources in parks. Sensitive areas are mapped for all park projects during the earliest stages of the planning and development process. GIS mapping efforts facilitate maintenance, management and public safety efforts performed by staff in various Divisions in Montgomery County Parks. The GIS-based work effort also contributes important data to assess agricultural lease agreements and limits of these lease boundaries.


Jai Cole - | 301-650-4366

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