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Most natural communities support a great variety of native plants and animals. Such biodiversity is threatened when a few plant species take over and dominate the herbaceous, shrub, and canopy layers of a forest.

Weed Warrior 15th anniversary badgeThis Week in the Woods

Weed Warriors are out in the parks every day. Here we share some of our latest finds.

  • November 25- Frosts are here and snow is in the forecast, but garlic mustard and celandine are visisble under the downed leaves. If you're looking for flowers, look for witch hazels with their spidery yellow blooms.

Meet the Weed Warriors

In this 15th year of the Weed Warriors, we'd like to take the time to introduce 15 of our volunteers. Our volunteers are people just like you, working to make a difference.

Dave Brooks and others
Weed Warrior Dave

That's Dave in the hat. There are a few other awesome Weed Warriors in that picture too, but Dave's a powerhouse. One recent volunteer description was that he does the work of 10 people. And he does. I was working with him, turned my back for a minute and he cleared a field! You'll find Dave on the first Wednesday of the month working along the Capital Crescent Trail. Or in any of a number of other places, lending his abilities to any project that needs a hand. (The plant in the picture is some very dead oriental bittersweet).

Event Highlights

Find more Weed Warrior events listed on our Weed Warrior Event Page and the Park Events Calendar.

First Saturday Workday

Saturday, December 6, 10:00AM- 12:00NOON
The Long Branch Stream Valley has been invaded by vines! English ivy is taking over the trees. We'll meet at Long Branch - Wayne Park and head out from there. This project is suitable for families, but please no one under 16 without a parent/guardian as we will be using tools. RSVP by December 4 to

Saturday, January 3, 1:00-3:00PM
Ring in the new year with a service project. Location is weather dependent - if the ground is thawed we'll tackle some barberry and if the ground is frozen we'll move onto freeing trees from vines. That's the good thing about invasive plants, there is always something to work on. Stay tuned, or RSVP by December 30 to to get details.

On the 15s

Monday, December 15, 11:00-12:30PM
This final (sniff! sniff!) event of our 15th year celebrations will be a tour of the incredible Northwest Branch led by Carole. This event is open to Certified Weed Warriors and their guest. Reservations required, please RSVP by December 12 to

Volunteer Basics

Weed Warrior training icon
Becoming a Certified Weed Warrior is easy. We offer trainings from April to October, usually the fourth Wednesday of the month. There are no classes currently scheduled. Check back in the Spring.

Special Projects

Are you interested in joining in a Special Project Weed Warrior project for a day? Click here to search the Park Events Calendar for volunteer opportunities. Click here to search the current individual Volunteer Services Office listings.

  • No experience is necessary. We will train you on-site
  • The minimum age for most projects is 14
  • Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • We are Student Service Learning (SSL) approved
  • Wear clothes that are good for working in the out-of-doors
  • Bring gloves, pruners, and water - we will have extras on-site if you don't have them
  • We work rain or shine, however, thunderstorms do cancel the project

Existing Weed Warriors report your hours here.

Weed warrior video imageWeed Warriors on County Cable Montgomery

Some our favorite Weed Warriors did a video interview for "Did You Know?", a local cable show for County Cable Montgomery. If you ever wanted to know what we do, and why, watching this will get you up to speed.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

volunteers workingHardworking Weed Warriors removed over 5000 square feet of porcelainberry along Rock Creek near the boundary with Washington, D.C.




Contact Us

Please email our Volunteer Coordinator for more information and to register for training at:

Happy 15th Anniversary Weed Warriors
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