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Proposed Deer Population Management Initiatives


New Initiatives

New parks are proposed to be added to the Deer Population Management Program annually. Information regarding the proposed additions to the program and an invitation for public input will be found on this web page in fall 2015.

The deer population across much of Montgomery County has reached levels that far exceed the capacity for sustainability of the natural environment and the patience of county residents. In order to reduce and maintain deer populations in accordance with the goals of Montgomery County’s Deer Management Plan, M-NCPPC Department of Parks conducts managed deer hunts and Police-based sharpshooting in select parks during the fall and winter.

tell us what you think!Public Input

M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks appreciates all public comments received regarding proposed new initiatives. Each new intitiative will have a public comment period for the duration of the public outreach for each initiative. If you have any additional questions for Staff, please contact us.

Previously Approved Initiatives

Below is a list of Deer Population Management Initiatives that have been approved and implemented since July 1, 2004:

  • FY2005 - Managed Shotgun Hunting
    - Woodstock Equestrian Park (Beallsville)
    - Little Seneca Stream Valley Park Unit #1 [Walt Goode Flying Field] (Boyds)
  • FY2006 - Managed Shotgun Hunting
    - North Germantown Greenway/Great Seneca Stream Valley Park Unit #2 (Gaithersburg)
    - Dry Seneca Stream Valley Park (Seneca)
  • FY2006 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Wheaton Regional Park (Wheaton)
  • FY2008 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Rock Creek Stream Valley Park Unit #7 (Aspen Hill)
  • FY2011 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - North Branch Stream Valley Park Unit #4 (Olney)
  • FY2012 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Sligo Creek Golf Course (Silver Spring)
  • FY2013 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Rock Creek Stream Valley Park Unit #2 (Chevy Chase)
  • FY2014 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Cabin John Regional Park (Bethesda)
  • FY2015 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Park (Silver Spring)
    - Paint Branch Stream Valley Park Units 5& 6 [including Pilgrim Hill Local Park, Valley Mill Special Park, Tamarack Neighborhood Park and Paint Branch Neighborhood Park] (Silver Spring)
    - Red Door Store Historical Cultural Park (Sandy Spring)

If you have any additional questions for Staff, please contact us.

Project Contact

Bill Hamilton, Principal Natural Resource Specialist


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