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Proposed Deer Population Management Initiatives



Montgomery Parks, periodically expands its deer management operations. This action is needed to address damage caused by an increasing population of deer, including deer-related automobile accidents, damage to natural resources, and increased potential of communicable diseases such as Lyme disease.

The public will be notified by Parks as soon as a park has been proposed as a potential additon to the Deer Population Management Program. There will be a comment period where the community can voice their opinions on this topic prior to any decisions being made.

A more detailed description of the Department of Parks' deer management goals and programming, including the Park Police-based sharpshooting program is available here. If you have a question that is not answered here, please visit our Managed Deer Management FAQ page or Contact Us.

Previous Initiatives

Below is a list of Deer Population Management initiatives that have been approved and implemented since July 1, 2004:

  • FY2015 - Archery Managed Deer Hunt Program Pilot Project
    - at Great Seneca Stream Valley Park Unit 1 (Germantown) and
    - Watts Branch Stream Valley Park Units 1 & 2 (Potomac)
  • FY2015 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Park (Silver Spring)
    - Paint Branch Stream Valley Park Units 5& 6 [including Pilgrim Hill Local Park, Valley Mill Special Park, Tamarack Neighborhood Park and Paint Branch Neighborhood Park] (Silver Spring)
    - Red Door Store Historical Cultural Park (Sandy Spring)
  • FY2014 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Cabin John Regional Park (Bethesda)
  • FY2013 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Rock Creek Stream Valley Park Unit #2 (Chevy Chase)
  • FY2012 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Sligo Creek Golf Course (Silver Spring)
  • FY2011 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - North Branch Stream Valley Park Unit #4 (Olney)
  • FY2008 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Rock Creek Stream Valley Park Unit #7 (Aspen Hill)
  • FY2006 - Park Police Sharpshooting
    - Wheaton Regional Park (Wheaton)
  • FY2006 - Managed Shotgun Hunting
    - North Germantown Greenway/Great Seneca Stream Valley Park Unit #2 (Gaithersburg)
    - Dry Seneca Stream Valley Park (Seneca)
  • FY2005 - Managed Shotgun Hunting
    - Woodstock Equestrian Park (Beallsville)
    - Little Seneca Stream Valley Park Unit #1 [Walt Goode Flying Field] (Boyds)

Contact Us

Bill Hamilton, Principal Natural Resource Specialist

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