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Archeaology dig at Oakley CabinArchaeology Program


Archaeology is history ... from the ground up!

Montgomery Park's Archaeology Program identifies, manages, and interprets archaeological sites on parkland and provides opportunities to consider the effects of land use decisions on cultural resources. Excavations contribute to public education programs, restorations, park development plans and mitigation of construction projects. The program provides for the stewardship of non-renewable archaeological resources and an opportunity for public participation in discovering our human past right in your back yard.

Since 1984, high school students have broadened their curriculum through our award-winning volunteer program. The Department of Parks provides projects in fieldwork and laboratory analysis and a fieldschool experience through our camps. Adults can also join in the fun through a cooperative venture with the Archaeology Society of Maryland Mid-Potomac Chapter.

Time Team America at Josiah Henson Park!

Time Team America banner"The Search For Josiah Henson" - PBS Documentary
The Josiah Henson Park archaeological site was one of four American sites selected in 2012 by Time Team America for inclusion in their second season. Time Team America brought their high-tech equipment to help us learn more about a very special man in American history, the Reverend Josiah Henson. Henson was a former slave whose autobiography inspired the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin."
Visit the Time Team America website to learn more about "The Search for Josiah Henson." Explore the over-the-archaeologists'-shoulder view of discoveries made at our very own Josiah Henson Park in the documentary, "The Search for Josiah Henson!" Please follow the schedule of special events for the Henson Park to find out dates when the documentary will also be shown on site. Summer Camp Registration Promo


Examing a sampleVolunteers are one of our best assets!
Montgomery Parks encourages the involvement and participation of individuals in its program and at its facilities. Contact Us .

Where: Activities are based out of Needwood Mansion, 6700 Needwood Road, Derwood, MD
Depending on the weather and the work requirements, we will either be in the lab or in the field.
Time: Wednesdays mornings from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Metal Detecting in Parks

The M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks Rules and Regulations on metal detecting and digging on park property is outlined in CHAPTER V: Regulation of General Conduct and Personal Behavior (Code of Conduct) under Section 19. Metal Detectors, Digging: Using metal detectors and/or digging into the surface of Park Property is prohibited except by permit.

Contact Us

M-NCPPC, Montgomery Parks - Archaeology Program
Needwood Mansion, 6700 Needwood Road, Derwood, Maryland 20855 | 301-563-7530 (main line)

Last Update: February 3, 2016